My ‘to-read’ list is endlessly growing. I’m always shamelessly buying books or browsing Waterstones, despite having almost an entire shelf of books I haven’t read yet sitting at home. It’s bad and I feel guilty. I’ve been reading a lot this year, but recently I’ve found myself overwhelmed with menial tasks like packing to go back to London, so I’ve fallen off the bandwagon. So today I’ve decided to motivate myself again by writing a list of the books that I’m aiming to read before 2017. My full ‘to read’ list is far longer (with a lot of classics on it), but I wanted to give myself an attainable goal for once, as it is September already and I’ll be going back to uni soon too.

  • Nina is Not OK – This week I won a copy of Nina is Not OK by Shappi Khorsandi, from the lovely Kayleigh at Very Berry Cosmo. I’m so excited to read it, not only because the cover is beautiful (go ahead, judge me), but because it’s ‘a dark, funny, coming of age novel from one of the UK’s leading comedians’, which sounds awesome.
  • Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear – Technically, I won’t be reading this, because I have an audiobook, but I’m finding Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert so inspiring at the moment. I’ll totally end up getting a copy of the book too, because I’ll want to read it again.
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – I got my copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on the day it came out, but I still haven’t opened it yet, because I was too preoccupied with On The Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher (an amazing book, read it). I think it’ll be the next book I read, because I’m worried I’ll see spoilers online, and I’ve tried and failed to get tickets for the play several times now!
  • The White Queen – I’ve had this book for years on my shelf; I’m always meaning to read it but never have! I need to get on with it, because I remember loving the TV series. Philippa Gregory is an amazing writer, so I know I’ll enjoy it.
  • Girl Up – You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Girl Up by Laura Bates. I’ve heard amazing reviews, and I’ve been wanting to educate myself more about feminism, so I definitely need to pick up a copy.
  • Pretties – I feel like this is cheating a little, because I am already halfway through Pretties, the sequel to Uglies by Scott Westerfield. Well, I was halfway through it until my Kindle broke! So I either need to pick up a physical copy of the book, or wait until I can afford a new Kindle…
  • A Game of Thrones – I have no idea why I haven’t read A Game of Thrones yet… well, actually I do. It’s a pretty big book, so it’s more daunting on my bookshelf than many other unread books, so I never seem to pick it up. Not to mention that it’s the first in a huge series, and I know I’ll get hooked!
  • Heavier Than Heaven, a Kurt Cobain biography – If you didn’t know, I’m a big fan of Kurt Cobain. I love Nirvana’s music, I’ve seen all the Kurt Cobain documentaries and conspiracy theories, and I even have his signature tattoed on my ribs (total fangirl alert). I picked up Heavier Than Heaven because it was on sale in HMV, and is described as the ‘definitive bestselling biography of Kurt Cobain’, so I figured it must be pretty good.

And that concludes my ‘books to read before 2017’ list! I wanted to include a combination of fiction and non-fiction books, as well as a mixture of books I already have on my shelf and a few I want to buy… I just can’t resist buying new books! I didn’t make the list too long (2 books per month), but I’ll have university work to focus on, and plenty more books to read if I get through these quickly.

What books do you want to read? Let me know in the comments, I’m always up for a book recommendation.



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