How is it February already?! Scary.

A few blogging gals I know have recommended updating old blog posts and re-sharing ‘evergreen’ content, so I’ve been going through some old posts, fixing broken links and updating some images – general admin shizzle. I’ve still got a long way to go, but today I’ve decided to share 20 of my all-time favourite blog posts, from a variety of categories, from 2014 to now.

I found a cool photo frames mockup online, so I’ve put together the images from my 20 favourite blog posts into a cool gallery. The image size is reduced above, but you can have a more close-up view here if you want a better view.

My 20 Favourite Blog Posts!


#1 / Inside My Bullet Journal

My bullet journal flip-through video was so fun to make, and remains one of my most popular YouTube videos! The corresponding blog post was so fun, I need to do something similar ASAP!

#2 / Elvis at the O2 ♫

If you didn’t know, I’m a total Elvis fanatic. The Elvis exhibition at the O2 was awesome, it featured lots of his outfits, guitars and even his cadillacs from Graceland!

#3 / Snapshots from Rome!

In December 2015 I had the opportunity to visit Rome with my archaeology class. We had a wonderful time, and I even won a couple of prizes for my photos!

#4 / The Chi Chi London £1 Dress

Chi Chi London have such beautiful dresses, and I managed to get one for only £1 in their crazy sale! I don’t have many outfit posts on the blog, because I’m a bit shy and don’t like posing for photos, but I needed to show you all this gorgeous dress.

#5 / My Denim Jacket: Pins & Patches

I’m a little bit obsessed with collecting patches and pins for my vintage Levi’s denim jacket…  This blog post is mainly a video, which has over 6700 views on YouTube, which is pretty awesome for a small YouTuber like myself! I totally need to write another blog post with an updated version, with close-up pictures.

#6 / The Sky Garden

The Sky Garden is one of the coolest places in London, with absolutely beautiful views, and it’s free! If you’re in London, you need to book a visit!



Excuse the caps lock, but this is probably the most ‘fangirl’ blog post I’ve ever written. I adore Melanie Martinez, and last May I had the opportunity to meet her, then go to her concert. It was so much fun, I even dressed in lolita!

#8 / Hyde Park Winter Wonderland!

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is so pretty and festive! I loved wandering around taking pictures of all the lights.

#9 / Edgy in Autumn with Deichmann

One of my first fashion posts, this was for a blog competition with Deichmann shoes. I had a lot of fun putting together and shooting this outfit!

#10 / My New Student Bedroom With Dunelm

I’ve got blog posts about each student bedroom I’ve had at university, but this year’s is my favourite, thanks to Dunelm!

crop3#11 / The House of Minalima

If you’re a Harry Potter fan and can’t get tickets to see the Cursed Child (the queues are insane), then the House of Minalima in Soho (just down the road from the theatre) is the next best thing! It’s filled with props from the movies, and it’s free to enter!

#12 / MCM Comic Con

Last year I went to my first ever Comic Con! It was a lot of fun, and I got to meet some of my favourite YouTubers, including Dodie Clark.

#13 / Inside My Vintage School Desk

I love stationery, probably a little too much. My parents got me a vintage school desk when I was younger, and I still use it when I’m at home, so I decided to make a blog post and video about it, and what’s inside.

#14 / 10 Japanese Concepts to Improve Your Life & Blog!

I’m a lover of language and learning, so I find it really interesting to find out about concepts from other cultures. Here’s 10 life-improving Japanese concepts that I’ve applied to blogging!

#15 / Improving My Mental Health in 2017

I’ve written a fair amount of blog posts about mental health, but my favourite is the most recent one, about improving my mental health in 2017. It’s time for change!


#16 / 10+ Amazing Places for Vegan Food in London

If you’re a vegan visiting (or living in) London, you need to check out these places for the best vegan food! Even if you’re not a vegan or vegetarian, I still recommend checking these out. Everything from vegan pizza, to milkshakes, bakeries, and even hot dogs!

#17 / 10 Reasons I’m a Bad Beauty Blogger

I wrote this back in July 2010, but it’s still totally applicable!

#18 / An Athenian Photo Diary

In December 2016, I went to Athens & Delphi as part of this year’s archaeology class trip. It was absolutely amazing, and I took a ton of photos. I created a kind of photo diary of Athens, with doodles over my pictures. I’ve also got a separate blog post about Delphi if you’re interested.

#19 / My Windowsill

Ahh an old 2014 blog post, where I randomly decided to share what I had on my windowsill. So quirky.

#20 / The Not-So-Secret Diary of Emily Underworld

And finally, one of the 2am creative ideas I had, the ‘not-so-secret diary of Emily Underworld’. I made a kind of digital diary / art journal, with flippable pages, thanks to Issuu. I’d intended on writing one per month, but I just didn’t have time once my final year of university started. Hopefully I’ll make another at some point, it was fun!

I hope you enjoyed this and maybe found a blog post or two that you’d like to read! It was nice to go through my old posts and reminisce a little. One of the main things I love about blogging is how all of our memories are stored in one place where they won’t get lost, and it’s nice to have a look back sometimes.

Here’s to another year of blogging!

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