My 7 Favourite Teas!

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It’s no secret that I love tea. I have a ridiculous tea collection, thanks to my lack of self-control in supermarkets, and the awesome Teatourist subscription box. I have all different kinds of tea; green, black, rooibos, fruit, herbal… it’s a bit of a problem, and takes up a whole shelf of my cupboard. So here are 7 of my favourite teas… why 7? I don’t know, it’s supposed to be lucky.


#1) Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire tea* is definitely an essential. I love a good English tea, and from all the ones I’ve tried, Yorkshire is my favourite. If you sign up on their website, they send you some for your birthday each year, it’s so cute!

#2) Mint Chocolate Tea by Cheshire Tea

I wasn’t sure if I’d like this, because I’ve tried peppermint tea before and absolutely hated it. I was pleasantly surprised with this Mint Chocolate Tea* though, it’s very refreshing and delicious. I’ve almost finished my teatourist sample, so at some point I’ll definitely order the full size.


#3) Creme Brule Rooibos by Jadu Tea

If you’re after a proper ‘luxury’ experience, go for Jadu tea. Their packaging is gorgeous, and their tea is wonderful. The Creme Brule Rooibos is my favourite, but I do also like the White Mango Lime and their English Breakfast. I wrote a blog post way back last year about them if you want to know more!

I found another Creme Brule Rooibos* on Amazon, from a company called Nothing But Tea. I’ll try this one next!

#4)  Clipper Redbush

Okay, another rooibos. I really like Clipper tea, their teabags are huge so you get a lot in your mug, and they’re one of the best I’ve found in supermarkets. When I want a traditional rooibos (AKA redbush), I go for Clipper Organic Redbush*.

#5) Teapigs Matcha

While I prefer traditional tea leaves, I do like green tea matcha sometimes. The teapigs organic matcha* is pretty great, I mostly use it for adding to my banana and peanut butter smoothies. Yum!


#6) Salvation Army Bags of Kindness

I saw these in Co-Op the other day, and thought it was a lovely idea. The Salvation Army are selling these ‘Bags of Kindness’, and the money goes towards helping people in need, for example by providing beds for homeless people. If you love tea and helping people, make sure you pick these up in the supermarket.


#7) Tetley’s ‘Super Green Tea’ Range

Recently I’ve been restraining myself from buying new tea, and working through my teatourist sachets, but I couldn’t resist trying Tetley’s ‘Super Green Tea’ range. I picked up their Immune Green Tea with Vitamin C* recently, and got through the box in a week, because I loved the tropical flavour.

Funnily enough, I then received an email asking if I’d like to try out the latest addition to the range: Sunshine! It’s Lemon and Orange flavoured, with Vitamin D to help your bones and teeth. As I’m in dire need of some vitamin D in these autumn/winter months (I’m pretty sure I have SAD), I quickly got through that box as well.

Unsurprisingly, Tetley’s Super Green Tea won product of the year 2016 in the Green Tea category, and I’ll certainly be trying out the rest of the range (which includes a matcha!). You could sweeten these with honey, but I find that they’re sweet enough already.

Immune* contains 17.6% of your recommended daily amount of vitamin C in one cup, and Sunshine* contains up to 23% of your recommended vitamin D.


So there we have it, the most British blog post ever. I’m now off to make another cup of tea, because I just finished my cup.

What are your favourite teas?

Thanks for reading,

Emily, x

* I was sent the Sunshine Tetley tea to review, but all opinions are my own and this blog post is not sponsored.

I purchased my first box of Tetley Immune tea with my own money.

5 thoughts on “My 7 Favourite Teas!”

  1. KymisanReads📚

    I have some of the Tetley Immune in the cupboard, will definitely be taking the plunge to try it now… not felt adventurous enough until you described the taste… been sorely disappointed in the past with flavoured teas not tasting like they should!

  2. I do love a good tea! I became a regular customer at the Twinnings tea shop here in London. There are some brands here I hadn’t tried before, these sound great, I’ll have to try them out! xx

  3. Ooh that Creme Brule Rooibos sounds amazing! I can’t drink anything with caffeine, so I’m always excited when I find a new herbal or rooibos flavour that I love, and that one sounds right up my street! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  4. I have just run out of tea which makes me so sad! Yorkshire tea really is the best tea though although I most drink the “herbal” teas when I fancy a good cuppa I always go for Yorkshire Tea haha! One of my faves brands is Teapigs and Celestial Seasonings they have such interesting combos and I always love trying new flavours xoxo


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