5 Things I’m Looking Forward To

I won’t lie, November has been pretty awful. It’s rainy and cold and I’m tired. Greek class is getting me down because it’s so hard, and I’m now stressing about trying to get my essays written before Christmas. On top of that, I was only given three days at work this month, and four days in December, which just isn’t enough money to live, let alone buy Christmas presents. I feel like I’ve done nothing this month except worry and try to study, so it’s time to focus on some positives.

  1. Gorillaz. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Gorillaz for a while, even more so after the warm-up show we went to a few months ago. December 5th is just a few days away now, it’ll be great!
  2. STAR WARS. I can’t wait for the new Star Wars film! Ollie has booked us a 3am showing at the BFI IMAX, which is crazy, but we’re so excited.
  3. Going home for Christmas. I love London, but I’m so ready to go home for Christmas
  4. A Carol Service. My flatmate / best gal is Polish, so I’ve decided to take her to an English carol service to see how they compare. Plus I love an excuse to sing, and Christmas carols remind me of school.
  5. New Year’s in Manchester. We’ve sorted the logistics to spend a few days around New Year’s with Ollie’s twin brother in Manchester, it’ll be nice to explore a new city!

Yeah that was a pretty short list, but it’s something.

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  1. Ahh going home for Christmas, that was always my favourite too. Now we live back at “home”, in the village I grew up in, and I feel so excited every year that I get to spend it here.

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