How to Get the Support You Need When You’re Struggling with Subjects in School

Although we would all like to be a jack of all trades, it is normal to struggle with certain subjects in school. We all have our areas of strengths and weaknesses, so the key is usually in identifying our weak areas and working on them to get better. It can be discouraging when you’re struggling with a subject and can’t seem to master it. It can affect your self-esteem, knock down your self-confidence and dampen your enthusiasm. However, by getting the right support, and someone who can teach you in a way you’ll understand, you can turn your situation around.

Ask a Friend

As of 2017, engineering and science were said to be amongst the worst performing GCSE’s. It means that there are often core subjects that students happen to struggle with the most. If you happen to be one of those struggling students and you aren’t doing as well as you’d like, you should try not to be shy or embarrassed to ask for help. One of the quickest ways to get help may be to ask someone who’s seemingly doing better than you. It could be a friend, a classmate, or someone recommended to you by a friend. Being tutored by a classmate or someone you know may mean sitting next to them if they’re in the same class as you or utilising breaks in school to get the extra help you need. It may also mean having to come to school earlier or stay a few hours later so that they can assist you with where you’re struggling.

Get a Tutor

If you can afford it, a tutor is another reliable way to get the learning support you need when you’re underachieving in certain subjects. They will give you the one-to one-attention that you require outside of school premises. You can expect to spend anywhere from £20- £60 per hour depending on the level of the subject the tutor will be helping with as well as the area where you live. One of the best ways to find a tutor could be by getting a recommendation from someone you know. This way, they’re more likely to have a proven track record and less likely to end up spending on a tutor who won’t be able to produce impressive results.

Ask at School

One of the fastest ways to get learning support may be to ask at the school you attend. If you happen to attend a private school such as Long Close School, Berkshire, you’ll find that there’s an array of learning support that’s available to students. Some of this support includes daily monitoring as well as one-to-one assessments. If you ask, you may also find that there are after-school homework clubs where you can find help. There would also be no harm in pulling the teacher aside and letting them know that you’re struggling to grasp the subject. They may offer helpful advice on how you can get the support you need if they cannot offer it themselves.

Passing school with flying colours may be the dream of many students. However, because people aren’t perfect in everything, it isn’t many student’s reality. It is, therefore, okay to ask for help when you can’t seem to master a subject on your own. By doing so, hopefully, you’ll see a drastic improvement and end up finishing the school year in a way that you’ll be proud of.

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