A Vintage-Inspired Wishlist

I love vintage clothes, vintage furniture, vintage glasses, vintage everything. When I buy any modern clothes (i.e. not from vintage shops in Shoreditch), I’m always drawn towards vintage-inspired things, from the 1920’s Gatsby style, to 70’s bohemian, to 90’s grunge. Today I’m sharing a vintage-inspired wishlist, with a few items I’ve been lusting after recently.

My Current Vintage-Inspired Wishlist…

1) A Scarf Print Bodysuit

I’m loving retro scarf prints at the moment. As a huge fan of Versace, this Quiz Scarf Bodysuit is a great way to get the Italian look for a lot less! Side note: have you seen the Assassination of Gianni Versace on Netflix? It’s heartbreaking.

Black And Gold Scarf Print 3/4 Sleeve Bodysuit from Quiz, £12.99.

2) A Scarf Print Dress

Another scarf print, but this one features a mixture of patterns… and naturally, I want both the bodysuit and the dress!

Cream and Black Scarf Print Wrap Dress from Quiz, £16.99.

3) Some Resin Heart Earrings

How cute are these earrings?! I love the modern hearts mixed with the classic gemstones, these would be perfect to jazz up a t-shirt and jeans.

Resin Heart with Jewel Top Drop Earrings from Fashion World, £12.

4) A Valfre Print of Venus!

I’ve wanted a Valfre art print for quite a while, I’ll have to get one when I either own a property or have a landlord cool with hanging up art! We had a few existing nails in the walls for art here, but we’re not allowed to make any more, and I’ve already used them all for my Grandad’s paintings [pro Grandaughter over here]. I love Botticelli and his take on Venus, so I’ve been very drawn to Valfre’s cute version of Venus in a Seashell.

The Venus Canvas Print from Valfre is £77.23.

5) A Bardot Velvet Ballgown

Can you go wrong with a vintage style velvet ballgown? Nope. This one has a beautiful twist front and bardot neckline, and I love the berry red colour! I’ve been a fan of Quiz’s evening dresses for a long time – I got my first one [a beautiful black and silver 1920’s-esque gown] for a formal dinner about six years ago! It has such a classic style that I’ve re-worn it many times for formal events. I really should pick up a long sleeve dress from Quiz too, I’d like to have my arms covered on colder evenings out!

Berry Velvet Bardot Knot Front Fishtail Maxi Dress from Quiz, £29.99.

6) Classics-inspired Jumpers

I’ve never really looked at SkinnyDip for clothes, but I was browsing their website a few days ago and came across these PERFECT Classics-themed jumpers. I definitely need to buy the La Pizza one ASAP, featuring a classical sculpture holding a slice of pizza… how me! I also love the ‘I’m a Classic’ one, I bet all my Archaeology MA coursemates would ask where I got it.

La Pizza’ Sweatshirt from SkinnyDip, £10.

‘I’m a Classic’ Sweatshirt from SkinnyDip, £25.

What’s on your wishlist at the moment?

All the best,

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