Autumn / Winter Vintage Style Update

Autumn / Winter Style Update

I’ve always been into vintage styles, but for the past few years my wardrobe has mainly focused on the 90’s grunge aesthetic: ripped black jeans, band tees, fishnet tights with tartan skirts and Doc Martens.

Recently I’ve been inspired to try out more vintage era outfits, particularly 70’s bohemian looks throughout the summer, and now I’d like to venture into ’40s and ’80s looks too.

As you’ll be able to tell from reading my notes on each piece, I’m a little unsure about whether some of these styles would suit me – particularly with my short legs! The woes of being 5 ft 3. I need to venture out into the world and try on some coats and shoes in an *actual shop* to see what works. I decided to write this post anyway to show what vintage-inspired styles I’m drawn to at the moment, and perhaps this will be the start of a fashion evolution for me. Wow, she’s growing up.

Vintage Dresses

Autumn / Winter Vintage Style Update


Honestly, if I had the money, my entire wardrobe would probably be filled with Miss Patina pieces! Their clothes are beautiful, quirky enough to suit my vibe, and lovely quality. This entire outfit is perfect, but I especially love the collared shirt!

Autumn / Winter Vintage Style Update


I’m on the look-out for a vintage or ethically-made dress in this style, the one featured above is from Nasty Gal, but I no longer wish to support their company. The style is cute and casual, and I don’t have any dresses like it. The puff sleeves are totally Stevie Nicks!

Autumn / Winter Vintage Style Update


Recently I’ve been intrigued by houndstooth. I’d like a dress or a skirt with this print. I do have a vintage houndstooth blazer, but it’s a little big for me, so I need to adjust it before rocking the 80’s vibe.

Plaid Trousers

I’ve always been more of a ‘skirt with tights’ kinda gal (mainly because I’m short and it’s harder to find trousers!), but it’s about time I found some that I like, especially with the weather getting colder.

I often wear my trusty vintage Levi’s (purchased from a vintage sale for only £1!), but I didn’t own any ‘trousers’ until recently… I know, who am I?! I picked up some plaid paperbag trousers from Stradivarius, and although I need to hem them with the new sewing machine my Mum treated me to for my birthday, they look lovely on!

Vintage Oversized Cardigan and Beret

Oversized Knitwear

Shopping vintage is a great way to find oversized, inexpensive knitwear. I recently picked up a vintage M&S cardigan on eBay for £1! It’ll be perfect to throw over most of my outfits to stay warmer in the Autumn and Winter months.

Autumn / Winter Vintage Style Update


One classic piece that I’ve never owned is a trench coat! I’ve never found one that I 100% love, I usually pick up brightly coloured coats generally. I feel like a neutral colour would look classy and retro, and can be worn with so many things! Sometimes I have a real struggle matching my bright red and green coats with outfits.

Likewise, a teddy coat is something I’ve never owned, and they look so cosy! I don’t have the need for so many coats, so perhaps I’ll try on a few trench coats and teddy jackets in neutral colours to see what suits me more.

On the other hand, I’ve also been thinking about maybe picking up a cape! They look so elegant, I’m not sure if they’d suit my body shape though… So many ideas!

I love buying vintage coats, they’re often much cheaper than buying new, and made with higher quality materials! Plus it’s better for the planet.

Autumn / Winter Over-the-Knee Boots

Boots, Boots, Boots

My Autumn / Winter Vintage Style Update wouldn’t be complete without some boots! I typically go for Doc Martens, but I’ve been loving the look of over-the-knee boots recently. I haven’t picked up any yet, but hopefully I’ll find some petite ones that work with my short legs.

Vintage Coat and Beret


I’m not sure if I could actually pull off a beret with my messy curly hair, but they do look pretty cute and artsy!

*imagines self wandering around the Louvre with a beret, in a trench coat with over-the-knee boots*… so Parisian.

It’s funny how personal style can change so much in a few years. While I still love the 90’s grunge look, I’ve been more drawn to classic, vintage looks in the past year. I’d like to evolve my wardrobe into a small collection of high-quality, ethical outfits that will last me years, and learn how to fix and tailor my clothes when I need to. So, there we go: my Autumn / Winter Vintage Style Update Inspiration.

Do you like vintage styles? Let me know what your favourite era is!

All the best,

- Emily

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