Come Dine With Me? (AD)

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Ocean got in contact with me and asked if I wanted to take part in a ‘Come Dine With Me’ challenge, with the intention of getting more families to use their dining rooms. According to their research, dining rooms are the least used room in a family home. Of course, I was keen to get involved because I find Come Dine With Me hilarious and thought it’d be nice to make dinner and provide entertainment for my family before returning to university. 


For the meal, I prepared a chicken korma curry in a casserole dish and served it with rice, naan bread, and huge poppadoms that were insanely huge (they expand so quickly in the pan, I was terrified!). There ended up being so much food, but thankfully we have a huge dining table, so there was plenty of room. I didn’t make the korma too spicy because my mum and little brothers aren’t keen on spicy curries, so everyone enjoyed it.

come dine with me4


We were almost too full for dessert, but no one could resist the yummy chocolate brownies I’d made. One of my brothers instantly gave me a 10/10 score before we’d even finished! For the entertainment part of the evening, we migrated to the living room to watch a film. We decided on Disney’s Cars, because it’s cute and my brothers love it. The boys and I had hot chocolate to end the lovely evening!

come dine with me

Thank-you to Ocean for asking me to take part, we definitely made use of the dining room, and I really enjoyed preparing dinner. I can’t remember what scores I got (stupid me didn’t write them down), but I know everyone had a good time and ate all of the dinner and brownies!

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