My DIY Phone Case with Jennie Maizels

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Hi! I haven’t posted in a few days because I moved out of my London student accommodation and came back to Devon for the summer, so I’ve been really busy. I did manage to find the time to sort out my social media, including my Instagram, I started a Pinterest account (addicted already!), and set up a Facebook Page, which has a lonely single like on it so far!

ANYWAY…I’ve already expressed my love for Jennie Maizels Iron-On Patches, so if you want more info about them be sure to read that post! Jennie wanted a few people to test out a new glue she’s thinking about using on the patches, so of course I offered, and in return she sent me a few little patches, which I’m so grateful for. I got a little parrot that I’ve ironed on to my denim jacket, and an adorable birdhouse one that I decided to customise my new phone case with.


I ordered a pastel blue wallet-style case for my Oneplus One for the times that I don’t want to take my purse out, or if my bag is too small. There are slots to fit my ID, NUS card, contactless debit card and also enough room for a tenner, which is all I need.


The case was looking a tad bare, so I added a little Frozen sticker of Sven the reindeer and carefully ironed on the Jennie Maizels birdhouse patch, making sure I didn’t melt the case or get it stuck to the iron! I’m really happy with the way it turned out; the patch goes perfectly with the pastel blue.




  1. Aw it looks so so pretty! Goes really nicely with the pastel blue and adds such a nice touch! You have such a great blog btw, just followed you!! Hope you’re having a great day!

    -Nabeela 🙂

  2. Your phone case looks lovely. I love those ones because you can store everything in them.
    I really need one for college in September.


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