Positive Changes I Made For Mental Wellbeing

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I had my first final year exam yesterday, and it went pretty well, so hopefully all the studying has paid off.

I had a wander around the V&A Museum afterwards with my Grandad and his brother, which was a nice stress-free way to spend the afternoon. If you’ve not been, it’s definitely worth a visit – the Renaissance sculptures and the fashion exhibition are wonderful.

I’m back to work tomorrow, with two more exams to go later in May –  it’s not over yet, but I’m nearly there!

Recently I’ve been working on making a few positive changes to my life, so I figured I’d share those in a blog post while I’ve got a free hour or so.

Positive Changes I Made For Mental Wellbeing

  • Mindfulness. The best form of mindfulness for me is usually getting lost in a good book – it keeps me sane on tube journeys, and it’s the perfect way to wind down in bed after a long day. Recently due to exams, everything I’ve been reading is Classics-related, so I can’t wait to start a good fiction book soon. I’ve also been using a few apps, including Calm for meditation, and Peak for brain-training games.
  • I opened a savings account. Wow, I’m such an adult. I figured this was something I should do now I actually have a job, and I am 21 after all…
  • Shopping more ethically (and reducing my spending). Funnily enough, having a job has actually made me spend less on clothes etc, because I’m spending my days working, then studying in the evenings, so there’s not much time left for aimless internet browsing. I recently got some things in a £1 vintage sale with my friend, which was pretty cool. I love vintage clothes, so it’s not too hard to be a bit more ethical when I want / need new things!
  • Natural beauty products. Similar to the above, I’m trying to be better with the skincare and makeup I use. To be fair, I’ve always tried to go for natural products when it comes to skin stuff and especially hair products (gotta take care of those curls!), but with makeup I need to make more effort. Most of the products I have aren’t tested on animals, but certainly not everything. I’m one of those people who takes forever to get through any products, but I’m getting to the point where I definitely need a new mascara, moisturiser, and shampoo – why does everything run out at once?
  • An actual skincare routine. I recently invested in a Magnitone when they were on sale for £35, and I’m so glad I did! It’s made such a difference already, combined with oil cleansing (I use hemp oil) and using BHA liquid and tea tree toner. I’ve got a blog post planned with lots more info about this coming up!
  • Hair care. I finally got myself a silk pillowcase, they’re great for your hair and face (and really comfy), and I also picked up a microfibre towel to dry my hair, because they apparently help to prevent frizz and breakage. My previous blog post was all about my recent hair cut at RUSH Enfield, and I can’t believe how much my hair has grown in only a month! It’s been bleached several times and dyed countless times, so it’s quite refreshing to see the healthy brown growing through (although I’ll probably have to dye it red soon so it doesn’t look awful!).
  • Cutting down my sugar intake. This has been a goal of mine for the past three years, but I always forget or give up. I don’t need to lose weight, but I want to get healthier, and the amount of sugar in foods nowadays is ridiculously unhealthy. I have an autoimmune disease, so I’m very tired a lot of the time, meaning I’ve often relied on sugar (and tea) to keep me going, but I’m trying to cut it down. I don’t usually drink anything fizzy and I have tea without sugar, but I’ve slowly been switching out foods like white bread and pasta for wholemeal or healthier alternatives. My aim is to drastically reduce the foods with ‘added sugar’, and when I need sugar, rely on fruits (although I probably eat too much fruit already) or honey.

That’s it for the Positive Changes I Made For Mental Wellbeing… for now. I’m still a work in progress!

What are your favourite ways to include positivity and mindfulness in your life?

Thanks for reading,

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  1. You’ve got your life together, girl! I wish I had mine this gathered… I do have a savings account, though! 😛 Love posts like these because I feel like I really get to know bloggers <3

    Write On ❤,

  2. These are all really good changes to make. I’ve cut down quite a bit on my sugar intake too, but my diet could definitely be better still. I really need to invest in a silk pillowcase too I think, since both my hair and skin have been troublesome lately.

    Beccah xx

  3. I’ve been trying to practice mindfulness in the past few months as well and I’ve also introduced daily affirmations into my routine and I’ve found it really helps me to stay in a more positive head space.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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