5 Super Cool Things That Happened in Summer 2017


In case you haven’t noticed already, I’ve finally upgraded into epic-blogger-mode and upgraded my WordPress theme.

I’ve not really been in the blogging / writing mood recently, because I’ve spent all of my summer working, stressing about our living situation, worrying about money, and trying to figure out how I’m going to survive my Master’s degree…

ANYWAY. September is the best time for a fresh start, so cheers to a cute new blog design, getting ready to start my Classics / Archaeology MA (at King’s College & UCL), and to my lovely friends (at uni, work, and blogging pals) for keeping me sane.


Super cool things that happened this summer…


  1. I graduated from my BA (Hons) in Ancient History at King’s College London in July! I hate pretty much all of my graduation photos, because I was silly enough to wear contact lenses instead of glasses… I’m squinting in all of them! (I’ll make sure to wear glasses for my MA graduation…) A few glasses of Pimms helped, although I’m pretty sure my boobs fell out… oops. Afterwards, I went for cocktails with my gals at Tonight Josephine: a new, totally instagrammable, feminism-themed bar in Waterloo!
  2. I went to the Star Wars Identities Exhibition at the O2. I’ve been desperate to see this all summer, and finally managed to go before it closed at the beginning of this month. Once I’ve gone through the hundreds of photos I took, I’ll make sure to write a blog post. It was incredibly interactive, I had an amazing time.
  3. Lots of parties and nights out. I’ve spent a lot of time at friend’s parties, birthdays, and general ‘nights out’ this summer, which has been great fun. The Rick & Morty House Party at Big Chill House near King’s Cross was a particularly good one!
  4. I went to several concerts & shows, most notably Death in Vegas with Sasha Grey at the Oval Space, and the Addams Family Musical starring Carrie Hope Fletcher.
  5. Finally, I enjoyed exploring more of East London, with endless wandering around museums, as per usual.

That’s enough from me, it’s getting late and I’ve got work in the morning. I’ve got a few posts coming up featuring my new Fitbit, an awesome superhero themed restaurant in Whitechapel, and lots more student-y London stuff!

All the best,
- Emily

5 thoughts on “5 Super Cool Things That Happened in Summer 2017”

  1. Congratulations on graduating! ????????
    I went to Star Wars Identities in May and really enjoy it. It was different than I expected it to be and liked the interactive side.

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