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I recently held a giveaway for a 2020 planner to get you motivated for achieving your goals for the new decade. The lovely planner was from Boxclever Press, and now I’m here with another blog post featuring one of their lovely products: a food journal.

Since I have an autoimmune disease (lupus), it is important for me to track my meals, and the effects they have on my body. I cut down on alcohol drastically in 2019, and now I keep track of any alcohol I consume, as well as any dairy, gluten, and fast-food meals.

The Food Journal by Boxclever Press

Towards the end of last year, I would write a little log of my meals in my bullet journal, and how they affected my lupus symptoms. As my rheumatologist and GP sometimes ask to see my food diary, I decided it would be more convenient to keep it separate from my daily life planner. Thanks to BoxCleverPress, who kindly gifted me their Food Journal 2, I can plan and keep track of my meals and monitor my weight and water intake separately, and in a positive way.

The Food Journal by Boxclever Press

This Food Journal is beautifully illustrated, and filled with motivational quotes… exactly the energy I need for 2020! It’s lightweight, which means I can carry it in my tote bag to work with no hassle, rather than lugging around my heavy hardback planner, plus it has a wipe-clean cover so it won’t get grubby.

Diet Tracker

It features sections for exercise too, which is great for me, as I’ve finally started to get into jogging this year and start yoga classes again.

If you’re on a weight loss journey, or simply want to improve your health, the rewards and goals areas will certainly help with motivation and maintain a positive mindset!

The Food Journal by Boxclever Press

This food journal contains a 13-week record, and is undated, so you can start your journey at any time. I was very pleased to see that it includes expert nutrition advice, and it is compatible with any meal plan you may be on. If you’re looking to track specific measurements, this journal also features a body measurement tracker.

I’m very impressed with the quality, and simplicity of the Boxclever Press Food Journal, and the amount of information / useful trackers packed into a lightweight, functional design. Not to mention the aesthetically-pleasing pages, because as a stationery addict that’s totally important to me!

I think a food journal is a great way to track and plan your meals. They’re also a lovely way to track your achievements and feel proud of yourself, whether that is through weight loss, eating more healthily, or drinking enough water each day.

Diet Motivational Planner

You can get this superbly designed food journal for only £6.99! Boxclever Press offer free UK delivery for orders over £7. They have many other lovely and functional organisers to choose from – whether you need to plan your family life, track your expenditures, or simply want to start writing a journal, I’d definitely recommend checking them out!

Have you ever used a food journal?

All the best,

Emily, x


  1. It seems nice to keep track of food and exercises. I’m on a weight loss journey and I’m doing it myself but that’s not as easy and clear as this journal is.

  2. This is such a great idea. I have arthritis and often wonder whether its food that affects flare ups

  3. Sounds really great, especially when you have a health condition which can be triggered by certain foods. The illustrations and quotes give it a nice positive feel.

  4. That is a lovely looking journal. I record my food when I am being good and cutting down, so I could see it working well for me. It is an eye openeer to see it all in one place. Mich x

  5. I used to journal my food in my bullet journal but since I stopped bullet journaling I haven’t got back in to the habit of writing down, as another autoimmune warrior it might be a good idea for me to restart.

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