This year I’ve decided to share some more serious topics on this blog. I have written a few posts about mental health at university, saving money, and living more sustainably, but I’d like to venture further. To start this off, here’s a guest post about why medical negligence claims are increasing in the UK. I found this an interesting read, so I’ve decided to share it, and just for clarification, these are not my opinions and I am not an expert. Let me know what other topics you’d like to read more about!

Why Medical Negligence Claims in the UK are Increasing

There are many reasons medical negligence claims within the UK are on the rise, from us as patients understanding what we should now be expecting from our care to pressure within the hospital systems to see more patients in less time with fewer staff available. As the pressure within the NHS increases, medical negligence claims will also increase. Here is a discussion about why more mistakes may be being made and why more patients are claiming.

Increasing Demand On The NHS

It is well-known throughout the UK that the NHS and their staff are under a lot of pressure. With an aging population, this pressure will only increase as the population gets older. With the same amount of staff expected to look after more and more patients and waiting times in accident and emergency rooms increasing as the number of people using these services increases, staff are put under increased pressure to see patients as fast as they can. They are overworked, and this is when mistakes will happen.

Although this is not necessarily the fault of the doctor or nurse, as anybody in these situations could make a mistake, this does not mean as a patient you should suffer. Making medical negligence claims UK will hopefully give you the compensation you deserve and show the NHS that their current way of working, isn’t working.

It also means fewer nurses and doctors will choose to work for the NHS and will move to private companies that many of us cannot afford. We can help decrease this demand by going to the pharmacy for any minor needs instead of making a GP appointment and only going to A&E in an emergency. If you are unsure, the NHS 111 service is there to guide you to make the correct choice and use the services provided correctly.

The Rise Of Affordable Cosmetic Surgery

Once a thing that only your favourite celebrities could afford, cosmetic surgery is on the rise with the general population of the UK. With things such as lip fillers and breast augmentation so affordable and accessible, many people are giving into temptation and going under the knife. This brings with it an addiction that can lead to a greater risk of something going wrong.

With the increase in social media and on the television of cosmetic surgery being the norm with so many celebrities, many young girls feel the need to get cosmetic surgery, and this is where the danger can lie. Just because a procedure is cheap, it does not mean it is safe and many young girls will jump at the chance to look like Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj.

Thorough research should be done before letting anyone do any kind of procedure to you, however small. Many people may jump right in without being informed properly of the side effects or complications that can occur with any cosmetic procedure. Always ensure you understand what you are signing and any and all information regarding the procedure before, during, and after. Proper aftercare should be given if needed and you should be informed of how to look after the area after leaving the surgery.

If you believe you haven’t been giving appropriate information or you have suffered a botched cosmetic surgery, meaning anything from not getting what you were promised, to ending up with a scar or an infection following the procedure, you may be due a medical negligence claim. The Medical Negligence Experts offer a no win no fee guarantee, so there is no better time to get the compensation you deserve. Their website can be found at

A Better Understanding of What to Expect as Patients

As a country, we now have a better understanding of the care we should receive and how we should receive it. Often, medical negligence would have been overlooked, as patients may not have even known that they had been neglected or hadn’t got the treatment they are entitled to. As the internet has masses of information of patients’ rights whilst in hospital, at a GP surgery, and at a dental practice, now more than ever we know when something isn’t right. Medical staff also now have a greater understanding of what patients are entitled to and have a certain code of conduct they should follow, no matter what field of practice they are in.

If you believe you have experienced something that didn’t quite sit right, check online to see your rights as a patient. It may be that you are entitled to a medical negligence claim due to medical malpractice. Medical negligence claims are now also better understood and as there are now more medical negligence lawyers that can help, claiming compensation has never been easier. The best medical negligence solicitors are now more affordable and hearing an advert on the radio, TV or on the internet has become the norm, meaning as patients, we are now a lot more informed that there is something we can do if we didn’t get the care we are entitled to.

The Increasing Age Of The Population

As our healthcare system continues to expand and we continue to increase our knowledge in technology and medicine, the age of our population continues to increase as we have better healthcare systems and a better standard of living. This also means increased pressure on the healthcare system with a larger population with more long-term conditions. This means more care homes are needed, which may increase the risk of medical malpractice within a care home, as care homes struggle to find the staff for the increasing number of residents.

The elderly are the biggest victims of medical negligence in the shape of falls, fractures, and bedsores, something that can be overlooked as the population of care homes increase and the staff have a bigger workload. This also means longer stays in hospitals and people needing help to live at home, all of which can cause an increase in the risk of a medical negligence claim.

Longer hospital stays mean an increase in the risk of hospital-based infections such as MRSA or Norovirus, which can be another cause for compensation. This can also lead to more pharmaceutical errors as blister packs are made for the elderly to make it easier for them to take the correct tablets at the correct times. Pharmacists must ensure that correct tablets are put in the correct time and correct days each week. If they are completing many of these daily, the chance of an error is much more likely, which can lead to complications and longer illnesses for those affected.

The UK is now reporting more medical negligence UK claims than ever before, perhaps due to any one of these reasons. The healthcare systems are being put under a great deal of pressure and this is when mistakes are most likely to happen. As we increase our knowledge as patients, of what to expect when attending any healthcare facility, we are more likely to know when we can make a medical negligence claim. If you or a loved one have been the victim of any kind of medical malpractice, check if you are due compensation with medical negligence solicitors you can trust.

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