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Self Care Printables & Worksheets

I have several Self Care themed printables and worksheets available for you to download from Gumroad.

My most popular printable is featured below!

Recommended Courses I use!

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The Ultimate Pinterest Guide

The Ultimate Pinterest Guide

I have personally bought several Pinterest Courses, and Emily Dyson’s Ultimate Pinterest Guide is my favourite. In February 2020, I smashed my blog goals, with the highest number of views and sessions I’ve ever had! I really recommend it if you want to learn how to use Pinterest effectively.

I am now reaching 15,000 sessions every month, and my ad revenue from this has exceeded the price I paid for the course!


I have learned so much from various courses & classes I’ve taken on Skillshare. The courses I’ve taken vary from blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing to crafts and DIY.

If you’d like to try out unlimited Skillshare courses for a month, completely free, join below!

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My Amazon Storefront features everything from Eco-Friendly products and skincare, to my favourite books, Nintendo Switch games and records.

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