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Welcome to my Shop + Freebie Library!

Here you will find:

  • Products created by me.
  • Tools I use for blogging. My theme, plugins, photography equipment, and social media tools.
  • The courses + books I recommend.
  • Free fonts, printables + more!

Digital Art Shop

I create Vector Art + Digital Illustrations in my free time.

These are available as stickers, prints, notebooks, t-shirts, socks… and more! Have a browse of my Redbubble Shop here.

Greetings Cards

I also create fun, colourful greetings cards! These are available to purchase exclusively on Thortful, a great UK creative card marketplace.

My Amazon Storefront

My Amazon Storefront features everything from Eco-Friendly products and skincare, to my favourite books, Nintendo Switch games and records.

You can also find my camera equipment and other devices I use for blogging on Amazon.

Blogging Tools

These are the top blogging tools I recommend and use.

My blog is self-hosted via, and my theme of choice is Astra. It is free, but they do have a Pro version. I’m using the free version at the moment, supplemented with some WordPress plugins.

Make sure to check out my Blogging Tips blog posts, and Social Media blog posts for more information, and visit Internet Wages for advice about making money online.

Here are the other tools I use for blogging. Some of these are affiliate links, meaning I earn a commission.

WordPress Plugins

  • Milotree WordPress Plugin. I use this for the little corner pop-ups you may see across my blog. These link to my Facebook Page and Pinterest Profile, and definitely help convert viewers into followers.
  • Yoast SEO is essential. Utilising SEO on my blog posts brings in a lot of organic traffic from Google. Yoast is free to use and I swear by it. Yoast also have some free courses about SEO, I recommend taking those!

I’ll be writing a blog post featuring all of the WordPress plugins soon, so stay tuned for that.

Social Media Management + Scheduling

  • I use Tweetdeck for scheduling tweets and managing multiple Twitter accounts. It’s free.
  • I use Tailwind for scheduling Pinterest pins, and connecting with other bloggers on Pinterest. It’s not essential for Pinterest, but I find it helpful. You can get a free trial of Tailwind here.
  • For my advice on where to promote your blog posts, have a read of this post.

Books + Courses

The Ultimate Pinterest Guide

I have personally bought several Pinterest Courses over the years. Big Pin Energy is my favourite. In February 2020, I smashed my blog goals, with the highest number of views and sessions I’ve ever had! I really recommend it if you want to learn how to use Pinterest effectively with their new algorithm changes.

I am now reaching an average of 28,000 sessions every month + 30,000 page views! I even had a viral pin that brought me 12,000 views in one day. I can’t wait to see where I’m headed in the future.

My June 2020 Referrer Stats are featured below… notice how much higher my Pinterest clicks are compared to Twitter or Facebook!

Additional Blogging Books + Resources I Recommend


I have learned so much from various courses & classes I’ve taken on Skillshare. The courses I’ve taken vary from blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing, to crafts and DIY.

You can try out unlimited Skillshare courses for two months, completely free with this link.

The Self Care Mini Bundle

I write often about Self-Care and how it has helped my mental health and wellbeing. I purchased the bundle of Self-Care resources featured below, and I love it.

The Self Care Mini Bundle is on sale for a limited time at $29.99, with exclusive free bonus products. This bundle contains 22 fantastic resources, including ebooks, e-courses and workbooks valued at nearly $600.

It focuses on three categories: Mind, Body and Soul, featuring resources from some of my favourite experts and bloggers, including Jessica Dimas from the blog Dwell in Magic. Her writing is so inspiring.

Self Care Mini Bundle

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is a great way for bloggers and social media influencers to earn an income online. I share all about the ways I earn money online as a micro-influencer and writer over on Internet Wages.

Here I’ll be recommending my top-performing affiliate programs. Some of these are referral links, meaning I earn a commission.

  • Ultimate Bundles. This is my favourite platform for affiliate marketing. Ultimate Bundles pay a 40% commission rate, and provide many resources for helping you succeed. Anyone can join for free. I believe in their products as a customer myself, and I’ve learned a lot since joining.
  • I also use AWIN and Amazon Associates, although their commission rates are lower than Ultimate Bundles. I mainly use these for linking to specific products like books, makeup or skincare if I write about them. AWIN generally pays more than Amazon Associates, and you can find many premade ad graphics on there to add to your blog sidebar etc. Commission rates vary per brand, but pretty much all the household-name companies you might like to work with are on AWIN.
  • If you’re interested in Amazon Associates, the best-performing commission for me actually comes from promoting their free trials of Prime, Prime Student, and Audible. Check out the Amazon Affiliate Affluence Ebook for everything you need to know about Amazon’s Affiliate program, and how to earn more from it. The writer of this ebook earns over $1000 per month just from Amazon!

For a more in-depth look at Affiliate Programs for bloggers, check out this brilliant resource from TheSheApproach. It includes 500+ programs and a video walkthrough. If you’re completely new to affiliate marketing, I’d recommend taking this free email course!

The Freebie Library!

Free Fonts by Emily Underworld

My Free Handwritten Fonts

Did you know I create handwritten fonts? You may have seen them across my social media graphics, and in the header logo of my blog!

Free Self Care Printables by Emily Underworld

Self-Care Printables & Journal Worksheets

I have several Self-Care printables and Personal Growth Journalling worksheets available for you to download from my Gumroad shop.

Quick links to my most popular free Gumroad digital products:

Free Stock Photos by Emily Underworld

My Free Stock Photos

I also create free stock photos. They’ve been featured on Adobe Stock, Squarespace, Wix + more! You can find my stock photography on Unsplash.

For photography tips, and to learn how I edit my photos, have a read of this blog post.

Motivational Quote Graphics for Social Media + Phone Wallpapers

Over on Motivational Quotational, I share inspiring quotes! I’m a sucker for a motivating quote… and I enjoy creating social media graphics and phone wallpapers featuring them. So I decided to make another blog showcasing them all.

Find my free social media quote graphics, and phone wallpapers here!

I make my social media graphics on Photoshop, Adobe Spark, and Canva.

Thank-you for reading this page, and I hope you found some useful resources here. I will be updating this page periodically, and if you’d like to see something specific or need some advice, feel free tweet me @emilyunderworld.

Where to next? Have a read of the blog!