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Opodo reports that a staggering 75% of couples agree that the secret to the perfect honeymoon is to find a balance of romance, relaxation, and adventure. Tying these elements perfectly together is thought to set you up for the ideal getaway, with 57% stating that agreeing with your partner beforehand on the kind of activities you’d like to do will help you get there. Keeping your options open is said to curtail the means for disagreement and potential argument, and 33% of people said that considering all avenues will help the honeymoon go smoothly and seamlessly. Join wedded bliss together with the perfect honeymoon, and you’re sure to remember these days for the rest of your married lives.


Couples should save £2,125 for the ideal honeymoon according to Opodo, with 30% of 2000 adults asked saying that the secret to having the perfect honeymoon is to be very considerate of your budget. Book your flights and hotel together to save up to 30%, and enjoy the benefit of making the process quicker and easier. When it comes to money, the sky isn’t the limit for everyone, but having a dream holiday is safely within the sights of a savvy and budget-conscious honeymooner.

Choosing Where To Go

The three top honeymoon destinations include the Maldives in the first position, scoring highly with just over half (51%) of those asked favouring the tropical nation, with Mauritius following close behind, and the third favourites being Aruba and Bali tied with 36% of the vote. The inspiration for choosing among the top destinations to go after getting hitched is largely based on receiving recommendations from family and friends. This is thought to affect the decision process of 48% of people searching for honeymoon destinations, while 27% admit to being influenced by social media, and 6% pay close attention to how royal weddings are conducted.

Booking Your Flights

Your honeymoon commences the start of the rest of your married lives together, and you want to make it just as special as your union with your partner. Best time to book flights is as early as possible and also thought to be outside of peak months – from mid-June to August. Book your flights ahead of time and select which activities you want to engage in during your honeymoon. Follow the lead of 45% who wish to go on safari, or the 34% who want nothing more than to road trip as a honeymoon activity. If you’re seeking a thrill, then consider skydiving and shark cage diving like an alarming 19% of honeymooners do.

Get Booked Up Early

Get inspired to book early by attending wedding shows/fairs like 15% of people, or choose to follow the template of that set by celebrity honeymoons as 13% do. Once you’re all booked up, then you can begin to count down the days until the wedding bell tolls and you depart upon your holiday of a lifetime. Sort tickets ahead of time, and have a specific time and date to motivate you to get entirely wedding ready.

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