Spring to Summer Fashion Tips For a Girl About Town


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If you’ve left all of your floaty tea dresses at the back of the wardrobe, and are still in your boots and slouchy sweatshirts, then rejoice as spring is finally in the air! Managing the seasonal changes, in particular, if you live in the UK, can be a tall order – as those April showers and freak cold weather fronts make it difficult to incorporate seasonal trends and must-haves into your wardrobe. So, if you are a self-confessed fashionista and girl about town, then worry not, you can still dress to impress and look on trend – without letting the infamous British weather spoil your outfit choice.


Sort your wardrobe out

Believe it or not, pastel colours and fun floral prints are pretty much always-in vogue, in particular now that the weather is getting better. So, you may already have some of this season’s must-have items at the back of your wardrobe, meaning that you can begin to build your capsule looks without even having to leave the house. Begin by going through your clothes and get rid of any old or tattered items, be ruthless. You may love that pair of heels or your trench coat, but if it looks tired, then it could be time to donate it to the charity shop. Next, it is time to sort your wardrobe out – for your own ease of use. Put your tea dresses and lighter items of clothing that you can easily layer towards the front of your wardrobe. Next, be sure to go through your handbags and shoes, to ensure that you can dream up any outfit combinations in a flash. When it comes to your footwear, opt for slingbacks and block heels as these look great with both trousers and more formal work wear. Finally, finish off any outfit with some classic accessories, such as plain and simple jewellery and a handbag from your favourite brand.  Remember that certain items never go out of fashion, such as a classic and simple wool coat and a statement scarf. Now your wardrobe is all ready for you to start planning your perfect outfit combinations, plus you may even free up more space for a few new items also.


Choose trends wisely

Remember that fashion is a fickle beast at the best of times, and some items that suit one person may not suit another. If you are shorter, then try not to follow trends that focus on puffed sleeves or oversized items of clothing as these will drown you and make you look shorter than you actually are. Choose dresses that stop at the knee and opt for tailored items to draw attention to your waist and make you look more feminine. If you are of a taller and slimmer build, then you have much more freedom when it comes to the following fashion and choosing trends that you like and want to include in your own outfit choices. You are in the lucky position to be able to pick and choose from puff sleeves, long dresses, and more flowing items for the warmer months. Taller women often struggle to combine heels with their outfits, but there is no reason why you cannot use boots or shoes that have a heel. If you are looking to invest in a new pair of heels, then you can find out more about some on-trend options by looking online and doing your research. Remember that when it comes to dressing fashionably and choosing items that remain on trend, you have complete freedom to chop and change, so make sure that you select a few key items that you can intersperse into your outfit choices so that you look subtly stylish rather than overdressed.

Your work wardrobe

Now that you have updated your wardrobe and planned your essential spring to summer outfits, its time to also include your workwear in your wardrobe refresh. When it comes to choosing outfits that will make you feel both elegant and comfortable while in the office, then feel free to experiment with bold, bright colours – and be sure to dress for your shape. If you love wearing heels, then make sure that you can walk in them – or else you may have very sore toes after your commute or running around after your boss. Opt for belted jackets to add some stylish elegance to your work outfits, the ideal choice for leaving the office and enjoying a drink after work with friends or your colleagues. Finally, make sure that you finish off your outfits with a few simple accessories, to make sure that you still add your own personal stamp to your corporate, professional attire. It is important to stay on trend, but again, remember that you will be wearing this outfit for around eight hours each day – so you want to feel both confident and comfortable as you go about your work.

Spring is in the air, and it is the perfect time to update your wardrobe and pick and choose a few key style trends to incorporate into your outfits. Make sure that you go through your wardrobe and get rid of any items that you no longer wear and take these to a charity shop. Be sure to choose trends that work best for your shape and remember that not all of this season’s outfits will suit you or your shape. If you are shorter, choose figure-hugging options, while tall girls can opt for flowing outfit choices. Finish off any outfit with some stylish accessories, such as some subtle jewellery, a statement scarf or a branded handbag. Finally be sure to update your work wardrobe also and be sure to try a range of outfit choices to ensure that you look confident and professional while also remaining comfortable during your working day. Spring to summer fashion is the best time of year for you to express your creative side, so be bold and make the most of warmer weather.

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