My Vinyl Record Collection

My Vinyl Record Collection

I’ve been collecting vinyl for over a year now, and my collection has gotten pretty big. I have a lot of Elvis, The Beatles, Nirvana, and recently I’ve been getting some more modern stuff too, like the Arctic Monkeys.As a musician, and music-lover, I can honestly say that music sounds better on vinyl, and collecting my favourites on vinyl has become a bit of an addiction. My wishlist is ever-growing, (I still don’t have any Lana Del Rey!), but I thought it was about time I shared it with everyone, so I made a vinyl collection video on my YouTube channel. That video has become my most popular YouTube video so far, with over 2000 views, and I’ve also uploaded a record haul following that, with a few more recent additions. Have a watch of the videos below if you’re interested!

Do you listen to music on vinyl, or are you more of a digital person?

Thanks for reading,emilysig

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