10 Great Things You Should Watch on Disney+ Right Now

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It might seem a bit silly, but Disney+ has really helped me through this lockdown.

My Mum decided to set up a family account, which means I’ve been able to feel nostalgic by watching the old Disney and Pixar films. I’ve also been getting stuck into National Geographic documentaries.

The documentaries are definitely my favourite feature of Disney+, from the behind-the-scenes history of Disney as a company, and the aforementioned ones from National Geographic.

Today I’m sharing 10 Things You Should Watch on Disney+, featuring some of my all-time Disney favourites, as well as some new discoveries.

10 Things You Should Watch on Disney+

10 Things You Should Watch On Disney+

1. Lady and The Tramp

This was a major selling point for Disney+. The live-action Lady and The Tramp remake was released exclusively to Disney+, enticing many of us to join the platform. I love the original Lady and The Tramp, and was a little sceptical of the remake.

I was glad to prove myself wrong because I really enjoyed the live-action version!

2. Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie

I adore Tim Burton films. His work is beautiful, and eternally gothic (my favourite book and film genre!). Although I have most of Tim Burton’s movies on DVD (am I old?), I don’t own some of his more recent ones. I was pleasantly surprised to see Frankenweenie featured on Disney+! As I’d only seen it once before, I really enjoyed spending an evening watching Frankenweenie again.

3. Taylor Swift City Of Lover Concert

Anyone else a Taylor Swift fan? It surprises a lot of people I know in real life, because I don’t seem ‘the type’ (I hate that phrase). Taylor Swift brings out the 13-year-old girl in me, and her old songs give me all the feels. I enjoy some of her new music too, and it’s so interesting for me to follow Taylor’s career and journey for so long. Her Netflix documentary was brilliant, and I was very glad to see her collaborating with Disney+ to share her Paris ‘City of Lover’ concert.

4. A Celebration of the Music from Coco

Another music one, and a must-watch. Coco is a beautiful film, so I immediately put this on my watchlist when I opened Disney+ for the first time.

5. Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings

I’m honestly not sure why I started watching this… curiosity I suppose? I would never want a Disney wedding myself, but to see people planning and enjoying their Disney weddings is heartwarming. Some of the backstories from the couples are sad and heartbreaking, but to see them enjoying a day of love with their friends and family is lovely.

This has been great to put on in the background when I’m doing laundry or cleaning, or if my brain fog is bad and I can’t focus on a documentary.

6. The Imagineers Documentary Series

The Imagineers series is the best behind-the-scenes Disney documentary I’ve ever seen. I found myself looking forward to new episode releases, and I’m certainly not the only one! Aside from Lady and the Tramp, Imagineers was highly anticipated and became very popular among Disney fans.

7. The Pixar Story

I’d seen the Pixar Story a few years ago, but I have a memory like a sieve (thanks, mini-stroke + lupus!), so I gave it another watch on Disney+.

8. Alllllll the Pixar Movies!

I feel like I don’t really need to write a description about why you should watch Pixar films! I’ll just feature a few of my favourites and give a brief reason to watch them.


Reason to watch UP: feels. You will cry. The storyline, the emotions, it’s just… perfect.

Monsters Inc + Monsters University

Reason to watch Monsters Inc and Monsters University: nostalgia! Okay, Monsters University is nowhere near as good as Monsters Inc, but I did enjoy it.


Reason to watch Ratatouille: IT’S SO CUTE. *chef’s kiss*

9. The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is an absolutely brilliant series. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you will love it.

Warning: you will find yourself saying ‘this is the way’ a lot. Also, ‘the Child’ (or Baby Yoda) is the cutest creature to ever exist.

The Gallery

I’ve not watched The Gallery yet, but I’ve heard great things about it. The Gallery goes behind-the-scenes of the Mandalorian.

10. National Geographic Documentaries

Here are a few of the National Geographic documentaries I’ve enjoyed on Disney+.

Stonehenge Decoded

As an Archaeology student, Stonehenge has always been incredibly interesting to me. Even though I specialise in Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt, there’s something about these strange ruins in the UK that pique my intrigue. Anyway, this documentary is very good! It focuses on how a similar discovery in Ireland sheds new light and brought forward new interpretations of Stonehenge.

Side-note: did anyone else stay up all night to watch the English Heritage live stream of the Summer Solstice? It was beautiful.

The Lost Tomb of Alexander The Great

This documentary is more close-to-home in terms of what I study. It follows archaeologist Pepi Papacosta, in her excavations of Alexandria, Egypt. The finds are brilliant, including a sculpture of Alexander, various ancient Greek objects, and some secret tunnels. This documentary is from 2019, so it’s very recent!

Easter Island Unsolved

This documentary was mindblowing. I didn’t know much about Pacific Islander history, or Easter Island, but I was eager to find out. The story of Easter Island is devastating, with one tragedy after another. If you’re interested in finding out, Easter Island Unsolved is worth a watch!

11 Things You Should Watch on Disney+

Have you been watching Disney+?

If so, let me know your favourite movies, shows and documentaries in the comments below.

I am ridiculously excited for Hamilton to be released on July 3rd!

All the best,


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10 Things You Should Watch on Disney+
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  1. I’m crazy late to the Disney plus party but now I’m on maternity leave I’m for sure jumping on that band wagon and going to check out some of your recommendations

  2. We signed up for Disney+ the day before it launched, and it’s been the best investment through lockdown! We’ve had family movie nights and watched all of the Marvel films in chronological order, with burgers, chocolates, ice-creams… – it’s been fab!

  3. I’ve been meaning to check out the National Geographic documentaries – they all look so incredibly interesting! We have been using Disney+ a lot during lockdown

  4. You’ve convinced me – I didn’t realise JUST how much was available on Disney+ and I feel like we’ve watched everything vaguely decent on the rest of our subscriptions…!

  5. We have Disney+ but I have to admit I’ve not delved into it as much as I could have – I’ll have to spend some time really digging deep and seeing what I can find that I would love!

    1. I started off re-watching some old Disney Classics and Pixar films, but then I realised there’s actually quite a lot of good new stuff on there! I’m interested to see where they take it in the future! x

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