My First Witch Casket: Fire

What is Witch Casket?

Witch Casket is a UK cruelty-free, vegan magickal subscription box, run by a mother and daughter. Each box is based around a particular theme, e.g. Earth, Spring, the night… anything magickal. The variety of items included is wonderful: jewellery, tea, spells, crystals, incense, art prints, things for your altar, and more. Plus at least three items in each box are exclusive to Witch Casket!

A Witch Casket comes in unmarked packaging, so your postie / family / flatmates don’t have to know what you’ve ordered – perfect for those who don’t want to share their magickal interests. They aren’t based on a particular religion or path, e.g. wicca, making the boxes universal to all interested in magic.


Unboxing May’s Fire-themed Witch Casket


My first box was focused on the passion and power of the fire element. I was very excited to find two crystal stones, all the necessary tools for the spells provided, and lots of cute extras. I love trying new loose-leaf teas, so I was very happy to find a decent-sized bag of rose tea inside.


The box is perfectly curated to fit the fire theme, with red and black packaging, related art prints, and even a travel tumbler cup with a fire quote on it. I couldn’t ask for more!


The Contents!


  • ‘Fire’ Travel Cup (Witch Casket Exclusive)
  • Inner Strength Charm Bag Kit, including a tiger’s eye stone (Witch Casket Exclusive)
  • Fire Element Button Badge (Witch Casket Exclusive)
  • Cauldron Necklace, from Curiology (Witch Casket Exclusive)
  • Fire Element Parchment Scroll (Witch Casket Exclusive)
  • Cauldron Pocket Mirror (Witch Casket Exclusive)
  • Black Loose Leaf Tea – Rose Congou, by Teacakes of Yorkshire
  • Brecciated Jasper Tumbled Stone & Info Card
  • A6 Art Print, from Tiny Tea Drinker
  • A6 Art Print, from Tea Cake Art
  • Dragon’s Fire Incense Cones
  • Brass burner/offering bowl
  • Pack of 3 charcoal discs
  • Charcoal disc tongs
  • A Secret History of Witches postcard, a gift from Little Brown Book Group



My Thoughts


The creators of Witch Casket certainly put in a lot of effort to make each box fit a cohesive theme, and I loved the information scroll and spell instructions included. I would definitely recommend Witch Casket if you’re getting into witchcraft, spirituality, or you want to start a crystal collection. Personally, I couldn’t afford this as a monthly subscription at the moment, but as a one-off it was lovely (although my June box is already on the way, oops). If someone got me one of these as a birthday present or something, I’d definitely be happy!

Witch Casket is £27 per month, including free UK shipping on the 15th each month (they do have international options too). Each box contains a minimum value of £45, they’re jam-packed with awesome witchy goodies. Did I mention that it’s ethically-sourced, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly?!

Check back in a few days for my June Witch Casket review!

Thanks for reading,

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