3 Reasons to Learn a New Language Right Now!

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There are an untold amount of benefits which come with learning a new language. By opening brand new doors, both professionally and in life in general, this skill paves the way to great success. When you resolve to become bilingual, the rewards you stand to reap are endless.

So, if you’re in need of a fun, exciting challenge, then let that challenge be to learn a language that is different from your mother tongue. If you need some more convincing as to why you should at least consider making this your next big task in life, check out the reasons for doing so below.

To Boost Your Employment Potential

Today, businesses are extending their reach far further than their own shores. They are expanding internationally, which means, at some point in their venture, they find themselves looking to hire employees that can act as international language translators. By being bilingual, you instantly become this kind of potential employee. It, in turn, sees the possibility of employment increase tenfold.

If you genuinely want to learn a language to make yourself more employable, then the language that you should be focusing on should be Mandarin. Taught extensively at the Chinese School London, who you can find at chineseschoollondon.com, becoming fluent in this language will make yourself much more appealing to the number of English speaking businesses that are currently looking to forge future trade deals with Chinese partners.

To Expand Your Life Options

Whether travelling the world or studying, working or living elsewhere is part of your life plans, it never hurts to have a number of options in regards to doing so. You never quite know what life is going to throw at you, and when you have the skill of being able to speak another language in your back pocket, you give yourself the opportunity to fit in comfortably in other parts of the world.

When you learn another language, you give yourself a chance of widening your relationship options, too. To the point, you create an opportunity for yourself to forge cross-cultural relationships. There is, of course, nothing wrong with the friendships that you have with your native speaking friends and family, but knowing different people from different parts of the world always carries a social benefit. What’s more, exposing yourself to different cultures, countries and languages helps you grow and develop further as a person.

To Sharpen Cognitive Skills

When you learn a new language, you also sharpen a number of your cognitive skills. You improve your memory, you lengthen your attention span, and you reduce the risk of your cognitive capabilities declining with age. If you think your brain could do with a boosting, it’s time to get studying a foreign language!

It doesn’t have to be January 1st for you to make a few life-changing resolutions. You can do so today, regardless of what date it is. If you want to resolve to do something that’ll completely alter your life for the better and open up a number of doors for you going forward, then let your next resolution be to learn a new language.

Do you speak more than one language? I’m currently learning Italian through Duolingo (hence the picture of me in Venice!).

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  1. Yes, I am also currently learning another language – Spanish. I have relatives who speak Spanish, but I’ve never studied or known it before. And now I really like it!
    By the way, I also use DuoLingo and I find it very useful in learning languages!

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