5 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Amazon Rainforest

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(this is a guest post, I’d love to visit the Amazon!)

The Amazon rainforest is known worldwide for taking up over half of the remaining trees across the globe. This amazing location offers up much more than just your average and many people take trips to see this beautiful location every year. In this article, we are going to look at some of the reasons why you should visit the Amazon rainforest so keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

The Locals

When you visit the Amazon rainforest, you’ll be totally drawn in by the culture of the people that live there. They live good lives at their own pace and visiting the beautiful place will help you to experience something unlike anything you will see all over the world. Take your time to get to know as many locals as possible and you’ll enjoy how friendly they typically are.

The Forest

Of course, the forest itself is one of the main reasons why people visit this amazing destination. The beauty of this site is something that you will want to feast your eyes on and you won’t regret making the journey here. Accounting for 20% of the oxygen in the world, the number of trees in this huge forest is very impressive.

The Adventure

What we love about the Amazon is that there is always an adventure. Anywhere you go, you’ll take a different method of transport between small boats to luxury ones or even kayaks. Our favourite way to get out and enjoy the Amazon adventure is to use tandem kayaks. This will let you enjoy the adventure with your friend or tour guide. Before you set off on your adventure, make sure to check out the following article: Best Tandem Kayaks of 2018: The Top 2-Person Models for Fishing & More.

The Animals

The animals that you can get up close and personal with in the Amazon will continue to amaze you the more you see. You’ll get to catch a glimpse of monkeys, pink dolphins and boars who will be found roaming about this stunning forest. Make sure to get as close as you can by taking some of the tours available as you won’t want to miss the opportunity to see these animals.

The Food

If you like your fruit, then you’ll love what the Amazon has to offer you. This amazing area has around 3,000 different types of fruit that you probably have never even tried before. Tasting these unique fruits will take you on another journey as you get to see what the people of the Amazon eat every day. When you take a trip to the villages, you’ll also be able to enjoy some of the local cuisines.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we think that visiting the Amazon rainforest will totally change how you travel in the future. If you love an adventure, make sure to go out on a kayak or visit the villages and talk to the locals. Make sure to take your Amazonian trip today!

Would you ever visit the Amazon rainforest?

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