6 Harry Potter Spells We All Secretly Wish Were Real!

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6 Harry Potter Spells We All Secretly Wish Were Real!

6 Harry Potter Spells We All Secretly Wish Were Real!

We’ve all probably wished that the magic in the Harry Potter films was real more times than we can count. Flying broomsticks would definitely come in handy for avoiding crowded tube stations, casting spells would give us way more time to catch up on TV and chill, while Hogwarts is the kind of school than many of us dream of. The only place that any of this actually exists is The Making of Harry Potter exhibit in London, and we’re pretty sure they won’t let us move in.

And so we daydream. Is there a spell we could cast that would turn the Harry Potter universe into reality? We’ll get back to you. In the meantime, here are some of the top HP spells we (not-so-secretly) wish were real.


As far as spells go, ‘accio’ is a godsend for bed-loving students on a Sunday. Technically a charm as opposed to a spell, ‘accio’ is used to summon objects, like when Harry summoned his broom in the Triwizard Tournament. It’ll bring whatever you’re focussed on right into your hand without you having to move a muscle and is sure to be just perfect for duvet-days.


We’re obsessed with the ‘aguamenti’ charm for the same reason we love ‘accio’ – it especially comes in handy when you’re well tucked in and not looking to lumber down the hall for a glass of water. ‘Aguamenti’ sets off a stream of water from the tip of your wand, no tap necessary. It’s particularly useful after a long night out and a lazy morning in, if you catch the drift.


This spell might be a little controversial, but we’re not advocating its use all of the time. Rather, just when you need it. That’s because the ‘legilimens’ spell allows the caster to see into the mind of whoever they’ve cast the spell on, and conjure up their memories, emotions, and thoughts. You’ll never meet another liar again.


Ah, ‘reparo’. The handiest of charms. The ‘reparo’ charm is used to do just what it sounds like – repair things. It was used most memorably to repair Harry’s glasses, but we see ourselves using it mostly to mend shattered phone screens, wonky zips, and cracked mugs.


Gone are the days of spending whole hours on the front step searching for the keys at the bottom of your bag. ‘Alohomora’ is a charm used for unlocking doors, even if you don’t have, or have never had, the key. That means you can say goodbye to car keys, flat keys and bike lock keys. The only downside is that you’d probably need to cast a spell on your locked-up possessions to make sure other wizards don’t use ‘alohomora’ on them, too.


Quite possibly the silliest spell in the Harry Potter universe, ‘glisseo’ is less practical than the others we’ve listed, but equally as fun. ‘Glisseo’ is used to turn stairs into slides – in fact, it could probably be used to make any surface slide-able. It has the potential to make the trek downstairs from your fourth-floor flat the best part of your day. Shame we can’t say the same about the journey back up, though.

We’re pretty sure that kids and adults alike would love to see any one of these spells become real. But until then, we’ll have to keep dreaming of life in Harry Potter’s universe.

What spells from Harry Potter do you wish were real?

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  1. Haha – what a great post! I’d never really thought about what spells I’d like to be real but all of these would be useful (and fun!) x

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