My Favourite Nintendo 3DS Games

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my favourite 3ds games

I’ve had my 3DS XL for a few years now, and I still love playing it. I’ve got quite a few games now, so I’ve decided to write a blog post sharing my favourite Nintendo 3DS games.

My Favourite 3DS Games

  • Animal Crossing New Leaf – This is probably the most popular 3DS game ever (except for perhaps Mario Kart 7, which is awesome by the way, I steal my brother’s copy all the time!), and it totally lives up to its reputation. In Animal Crossing, you’re the mayor of your own little town, you can expand and decorate your house, fill up your town museum with awesome dinosaur fossils, rare bugs, fish etc, design clothes, and so much more. Your villagers are adorable animals that are fun to chat with, and in the New Leaf version of the game, there are lots more features than the older DS game. You can create public works projects for your town, like fountains and bridges to make it look prettier, travel to a tropical island to play games (and collect exotic stuff), and visit a ‘dream suite’ to share your town and visit other people’s too. There are so many more things you can do on Animal Crossing New Leaf, I could write a book about it!
  • Nintendogs and Cats – This is pretty self-explanatory, you have virtual dogs (and cats) that you take care of, play with, buy toys for, take for walks… that kinda thing. I find it’s very good for de-stressing, and I especially like playing it when I’m at university away from my real dogs. My Nintendog is called Kylo Ren, because… Star Wars.
  • Disney Magical World – This game is similar to Animal Crossing, but it’s DISNEY. I had my eye on this for ages due to the trailers and US gameplay YouTube videos, but had to wait for Nintendo to release it in the UK. It was well worth the wait, it’s such a cute and fun game! There are different ‘worlds’ within the game, including a Cinderella world, Winnie the Poo Hundred Acre Wood, an Aladdin world, and my favourite, Wonderland. Not only do you complete fun quests, but you collect the most adorable outfits, and run your own cafe/restaurant, which you can decorate however you want and choose the menu for!
  • Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations – This is my most recent game, because I can’t get enough of Adventure Time. It’s exactly how you’d imagine an Adventure Time game to be, you play as Finn and Jake, solving various crimes and dramas around the land of Ooo. It makes great use of the 3D function, and the voiceovers are done by the tv show cast, which is great because I hate games that use bad voiceovers (like some of the Harry Potter ones).

Through the Nintendo eShop, you can also get digital download versions of games. This is great because they often have better deals than buying a physical copy, and there are ‘virtual console’ games too, so you can play vintage Gameboy games on your 3ds.

  • Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask – I’m a fan of all the Professor Layton games, they’re very thought-provoking and immersive, with the puzzles that have to be solved in order to solve the mystery. I have to admit, I’m not anywhere near close to completing the Miracle Mask, but I enjoy playing it now and again.
  • Hydroventure Spin Cycle – This game is totally unique because you actually have to turn the 3ds to guide water through passages and collect things. It’s so fun, but hard to explain! 
  • Virtual Console Super Mario Bros Deluxe Gameboy Colour –  I actually got this game for free in a Christmas promotion about 2 years ago, and I love it. It’s really difficult, as I find a lot of old Gameboy games are, but so addictive.

Do you have a 3DS? If so, what are your favourite games?


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  1. Can’t believe Pokemon didn’t get a mention! I’m a sucker for Animal Crossing too though xD

  2. I only have a DS lite as I barely play on it but I used to love Animal Crossing when I had it! Keep trying to convince my boyfriend to buy it for his 3DS so I can play on it, but he won’t have any of it :’)

  3. I love Animal Crossing New Leaf so much, pretty much played it for an entire year, daily at night time before bed 🙂

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