Having A Bad Day? Don’t Worry, It’s Okay

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You’re here because you’re having a bad day? Don’t worry. It’s okay.

Some days go well from beginning to end, and it seems as though you can do no wrong. Then there are days which start off bad and get worse, and you’re just glad to crawl into bed when everything is done, and you hope that the next day is going to be better.  

Here are some of the ways you can think more positively even when everything around you is falling apart. Keep these in mind and although you will still have bad days, they won’t feel like the end of the world, and you will recover a lot more quickly.

Acknowledge The Problem

When something bad happens, it can be tempting to try to ignore it and hope that it will just go away on its own. In most cases, this is a bad idea and can cause things to get worse.

If you don’t deal with a slow puncture when you first see it, for example, you will end up with a flat tyre, and that problem is a lot more challenging to deal with. If you have spilled coffee on your shirt and don’t wash it immediately, it can stain.

This works for more serious problems too; if you’re feeling unwell and don’t see a doctor, you can end up feeling a lot worse.

Acknowledge the problem and then:

1. Step away from it to reassess the situation
2. Work out a plan of action
3. Carry out the plan and feel better

There Is Always Someone To Help

If you’re having a terrible day, you don’t have to go through it alone. Even if you just call up a friend and tell them all about it, you will find you feel better straight away, whether your friend could help or not. Unburdening yourself in this way will make you feel more positive, and will put your issues into perspective.

If the problem is a major one that is causing you big issues, then it may be time to look for a professional to help you. It might be some form of a counsellor, a medical professional, or perhaps an expert from The Medical Negligence Experts.

Remember: There will always be someone there to help you in some way, who will help you to feel better even if things are going wrong.

Ignore Social Media

When you’re having a bad day, looking on social media can make it feel so much worse; you’ll be seeing everyone’s wonderful lives and how happy they are and how well things are going. Compare that to your bad day, and it’s no wonder negative thoughts will overtake positive ones.

Many of the people who are posting on social media are having just as bad a day as you. Their car might not have started; they might have been reprimanded by the boss, an important meeting could have been cancelled (or it might have overrun making them late for the next appointment). They won’t put that out there for everyone to see though; they want people to think they are happy and doing well. You may even have done the same.

So stay away from social media because it won’t help you, and if you’re not scrolling through Facebook, you’ll have more time to make your day better in other ways like a relaxing bath or a good film so you can go to bed feeling happier, ready for what tomorrow may bring.

I recently took a month-long break from social media and blogging: it was great for me. I wrote a blog post all about my experience, and why it is so important to take breaks from social media.

If you need more support and advice, you’re in the right place. I’ve had my fair share of mental health struggles, particularly during my time at university. You can find many blog posts all about mental health and self-care on Emily Underworld, plus some free printables I’ve made.

What do you do when you’re having a bad day?

All the best,

- Emily
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