Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Review

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Hyde Park Winter Wonderland opened a few days ago, and I was keen to see it, as I’d never been before.

When my friend was feeling a bit down last night, we went and spent a few hours wandering around and taking a ridiculous amount of photos. It definitely cheered us up, it was so pretty and totally festive.

Keep reading for my review, and what happened when I got stuck on a ride!

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland has a lovely German Christmas market area. There were infinite stalls selling yummy foods like crepes, lots of bars, and even a pizzeria.

Basically, if you’re hungry and enjoy Christmas music, go to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. There was also an indoor section with live music.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland has a gorgeous ice rink. I have a broken toe at the moment, so unfortunately I couldn’t have a go on it. I’d love to go ice-skating, but that might have to wait until next Winter! 

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

The rides were quite expensive, and you had to buy tokens to go on them.

We ended up spending £10 each on tokens (which was the minimum for debit cards). Most of the bigger rides were 7 tokens, equating to £7. Rides for younger kids like the carousel were 3 tokens, and there were a few for 5 tokens.

We chose to go on the Demon ride, which is like a ghost train thing, and it got stuck while we were on it! I was more scared of staying stuck there in the dark than the actual ghost ride itself.

In hindsight, having to climb down from the ride under directions from the ride operator was pretty dangerous. One of us could have fallen and got injured. We should have asked for a refund too.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

I really wanted to check out the Magical Ice Kingdom, which apparently is filled with lovely ice sculptures. However, by the time we found it, my hands absolutely freezing, so we decided to go and get pizza.

I’m definitely going to return (with gloves) to have a look at those ice sculptures and check out the ice bar!

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is the perfect wintery night out. It’s free to enter, so I’ll certainly be returning. It has so many attractions, even a circus!

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is open from 10am to 10pm, but I’d recommend going in the evening because the lights are wonderful. If you have time to visit on a weekday, it’ll be less busy than weekends. It’s open from November to January every year.

If you’re planning to go, it’s close to Knightsbridge tube station. My friend and I went to Green Park station and it was a bit of a walk from there, but thankfully there were signs directing us there.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

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All the best,

- Emily
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  1. your photos are beautiful!! I’d love to go to London & see the Winter Wonderland, fingers crossed I can cross it off my list this year, though I live 10 minutes away from the Birmingham German Market I still haven’t been to that…so London may be difficult!! haha

    Sarah xo || See The Stars

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