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Pizza Union Aldgate East

Pizza Union Aldgate: Proper Italian Pizza in 3 Minutes!


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AD – Gifted Meal.

Pizza Union is the first UK Italian pizza bar, boasting proper stonebaked Roman-style pizza in only 3 minutes.

I’ve been to Italy a few times, and I like to claim that my Italian heritage is why I love their food so much, but really, pizza and gelato is just amazing, so I couldn’t resist checking it out.

I was invited down to the newest branch of Pizza Union near Aldgate East station a few weeks ago to review it, and I could tell instantly that it was my kind of place.

Maybe I’ve been living in East London as a student for too long, but I love restaurants with a cool, chilled-out vibe like this. Oh, and neon lights are always a win.



I absolutely adore the huge clay oven that they bake the pizza in, look how gorgeous it is!


Time for pizza!


Their menu is simple and traditionally Italian, with lots of salami, ham, and mozzarella of course.

I went for a traditional 12″ pepperoni, which was perfection, and thin enough to leave me a little room for dessert.

I had a bottle of Peroni too, because you can’t go wrong with beer and pizza.


If you’re wondering about prices, Pizza Union’s 12″ margarita with mozzarella is only £3.95! My pizza was £5.95, which is really good for central London.

As for their ‘superfast’ 3-minute claim, we were waiting for about 15-20 minutes for our buzzers to go off (you go up and collect your food yourself).

However, it was a Saturday evening, and rather busy! Compared to every other pizza restaurant I’ve been to though, it was very quick.

nutella-doughThe Dessert of Dreams


I couldn’t resist their Dolce Classico dessert: Nutella, mascarpone, and dough-y goodness for £3.20.

It is legitimately one of the best desserts I’ve ever had.

I couldn’t finish it all after the pizza, but I’d definitely go back to have it again.


They also had cute little gelato pots, how very Italian! Someone take me back to Rome, please.

Pizza Union is a great place for Italian pizza, baked properly, with a casual vibe.

It’s inexpensive and they have several branches across London (King’s Cross, Spitalfields, and Aldgate East), so you can’t really go wrong.

Did I mention that they also do takeaways?!

Pizza Union are open from 11am-11pm daily.

Thanks for reading,

- Emily
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  1. Pizza is probably my favourite food, so I will most certainly make a mental note to scoot over to Aldgate and stuff slice after slice of pepperoni clad goodness down my throat. The format of this restaurant reminds me of ICCO near Googe Street, which also offers low-priced pizza, served when your little mechanical buzzy thing starts to vibrate.

    Is that an Oddono’s gelato tub I see? Yes. Yes, it is. Signified by the distinct blue container bearing a white “O”. Then there are two reasons to visit Pizza Union. Let me tell you, I have never tasted finer ice cream than the likes of which is served at Oddono’s. Its East Dulwich branch stocks an ever-changing array of remarkable flavours and delightful ice cream cakes. I would be interested to hear if Ollie enjoyed his dessert.

    Bon. Keep up ze gut blogging.

  2. I wouldn’t mind waiting 15 minutes for a pizza that cheap and considering that I live near Aldgate East ( I am in Leyton) how is that I have not heard of Pizza Union! I absolutely have to check it out x

  3. That pizza looks AMAZING! I’ve been meaning to go here a few times but it’s always been super full – I think I’m going to try out a late lunch or another time that’s not so popular next, because I have to have this haha. x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

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