5 Ways You Can Drastically Reduce Your Carbon Footprint This Year

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Hi everyone, today I’ve got a guest post about 5 ways you can drastically reduce your carbon footprint this year – definitely worth a read! We need to take care of our planet, so please have a think about all these options, and make sure to share some of your own tips in the comments. I’ve been reading a lot recently about how we should all be using our blogging platforms and social media communities for good, so I’m really glad to be sharing this today because it’s so important.

5 Ways You Can Drastically Reduce Your Carbon Footprint this Year

Last year, the UK’s carbon footprint increased by three percent. Statistics available for the European Union rate the Union as being the third largest producer of carbon dioxide emissions, coming in behind China and the United States.

If you’re worried about the future of the planet, you should find these statistics alarming. Fortunately, there’s something you can do about it. If you take steps today to reduce your carbon footprint, you can decrease your burden on the planet. Here are 5 ways you can achieve that!

Cut Vehicle Emissions

Vehicle emissions account for a large part of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere each year. If you drive each day, you can cut emissions by purchasing a low-emissions car. While it won’t help a lot, it will help. If you really want to make a difference, stop driving, at least part of the time. Take public transport, walk, or ride your bike. Carpooling is also a great alternative.

Be Energy Efficient

Your home runs on energy, and lots of it. To reduce your energy consumption, look for energy-efficient alternatives. For example, you can switch out your light bulbs for energy-efficient ones, reducing your carbon dioxide by more than 589 kilogrammes over the life of the light bulb. Energy-efficient appliances, such as your fridge and microwave, will also make a difference.

Reduce Landfill Waste

Take steps to reduce the amount of rubbish you send to the landfill. You can do so in a variety of ways. Recycle and reuse everything you can. Compost organic material, and use it as fertiliser in your garden. Purchase green items that have less packaging waste. If you have items that you can’t get rid of on your own, make an appointment for rubbish clearance from Enviro Waste. A green waste-management company, Enviro Waste will dispose of your items in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

Conserve your Resources

The more you use your resources, the larger your carbon footprint will be. Therefore, you should always strive to conserve your resources. Turn the thermostat down just a bit, and keep your house cosy with curtains, carpeting, and plush furnishings. When you’re not in a room, turn off the lights. You can also unplug small appliances and gadgets when they’re not in use. If you can’t unplug it, turn it off. If you can’t do either, shop for the most energy-efficient model you can find.

Embrace Plants and Produce

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you must embrace plants and produce. Let’s take a look at plants first. If you have your own vegetable garden and plant a tree or two, you will actually help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. How so? Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. A mature tree absorbs 26 pounds of carbon dioxide each year and produces enough oxygen to support two people.

When shopping for produce, shop local and in-season. The amount of emissions produced by transporting food is quite high. However, if you select locally grown produce, you won’t have to worry about transport emissions. Many grocers are buying from local suppliers, but you should always ask. When in doubt, shop at a local produce market.

If you’re like most people, your carbon footprint could be much smaller. If you take steps to reduce your footprint today, the planet and future generations will benefit greatly.

Do you take steps to reduce your carbon footprint?

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