University Students: What to do with all your stuff between terms

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Returning home between university terms can be the best date on the calendar for some. Those months of Pot Noodles, stale sandwiches and reusing tea bags vanish into the bad memory compartment, and you are suddenly able to breathe a little easier. Returning home means you get to be treated by your parents, as they look after you, feed you and potentially buy you new clothes. Yet, what to do when the term comes to a close, and you’re between years without a university home to call your own? Your possessions aren’t going to all fit in the car, and you certainly aren’t going to want to struggle with them on the train. So what are you going to do with all those books, clothes, plates and posters?


Sell it

For many, parting with your possessions can be difficult. However, if you don’t use something or fit into a certain pair of trousers, what’s the point in taking it home or storing it? Plus, as a university student, you’ll never say no to some extra cash. Nowadays selling off those unwanted goods has never been easier. From car boot sales to eBay and Craigslist, your options for selling are numerous. There are even apps like Shpock that can help you remove the clutter and make a bit of extra cash. You might even make enough to make that end of term party even better.

Store it

All of those books and kitchen utensils are very useful, but there isn’t a lot of point in taking them all back to the parental home where they already have their own (and probably better) versions of them. An easy choice is to simply store them until the next terms starts, and that’s not as expensive an option as you might think. Using a professional storage service will mean a much-reduced headache when it comes to travelling home for the holidays, plus your parents will be much happier to only be greeting you at the door, not boxes and boxes of your stuff.

Swap it

The difference between what you consider an essential item in the first year is probably going to be very different to your final year. As you progress through university, you’re going to find it easy to find people who think that the omelette pan and that ‘Introduction to Philosophy’ book are absolute essentials. Swapping has never been easier, and one of the most popular ways of finding people that want to swap items is on social media. Facebook and buying, selling and swapping groups for every area in the country, and a little bit of searching online will find you a willing participant in the swapping process. You can also use the growing number of dedicated swap sites that have sprung up in the last few years. Think of it as a convenient way to upgrade between modules!


Don’t let the stress of moving between the family home and your student digs become an unnecessary stress. You’ve got enough to worry about without having to concern yourself with how to get all of those pots and pans back and forth across the country, so take the stress out of your life, streamline your plans and take the time to recover from all that learning.

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