As you probably know, it was Black Friday yesterday, and everyone (myself included), spent far too much on things we don’t need, along with some Christmas presents for family/friends to ease our spending guilt… Just me? Okay then. I figured it was perfect timing to share some of my best money saving tips for students (I’m a third year student in London, I have plenty of experience now), and an infographic from train operator Transpennine Express with 9 money saving tips*.

By this time of year, all of our student loans/grants are running a bit low, our overdrafts are getting scary, and there’s the pressure of getting Christmas presents too, and train tickets home for the holidays. I managed to get Christmas presents for two of my three brothers and my Dad yesterday, so I’ve only got my Mum and a brother to go. If you didn’t manage to find anything in the Black Friday deals yesterday, don’t worry because many shops and online sites like Amazon are running sales over the next week or so, and there’s bound to be more on Cyber Monday!

  • Take advantage of electricity/internet/gas deals. When we moved in, we switched electricity/gas provider, which saved us over £200, and got an awesome BT infinity internet deal, meaning that our internet is only £7 each per month – Netflix costs almost that much!
  • Get a 16-25 railcard. This is mentioned in the infographic, but I thought I’d just say that it’s one of the best ways I save money when travelling, and some student bank accounts offer them for free – I got mine with Santander. Even if you need to buy one, it’s still worth it if you take the train often.
  • NUS & supermarket cards. I didn’t personally get an NUS card until this year, but it has already saved me a lot, so definitely worth picking one up. I also have a Co-op card, which you can combine with the NUS card for an extra discount. If you shop at Sainsbury’s, a Nectar card is great too.
  • Cashback. I get cashback when I order things online when I remember. TopCashBack is the one I prefer, I managed to get £25 just yesterday with all the Christmas presents I bought! Quidco is the other main one, so make sure to check that out too (you get an extra £5 if you sign up through my link)
  • Movie deals. The infographic below mentions 2 for 1 cinema tickets with Meerkat movies, which is great if you’ve used Compare the Market, but there are other cinema deals too. I have a student membership to The Times, which gets me 2 for 1 Odeon weekend cinema tickets as a bonus, along with other perks and a free gift. Picturehouse cinemas also offer free screenings to students through the E4 Slackers Club, so make sure to join that. I recently saw The Accountant for free in Leicester Square!
  • Stop buying takeaway pizza and buy supermarket versions instead. Papa Johns may be heavenly, and Domino’s have some good deals sometimes, but Iceland do amazing stuffed crust pizzas for £2!


Anyway, that’s enough from me, make sure to check out the infographic below!

*9 money saving tips to keep your student bank account far from red [infographic] by the team at TransPennine Express

Do you have any money saving tips for students?

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