6 Money-Saving Tips for UK Students

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Money Saving Tips for UK Students

Train operator Transpennine Express asked me to share some of my best money-saving tips for students. This is perfect timing, as I’m a third-year student in London, so I have plenty of experience now.

6 Money-Saving Tips for UK Students

  • Take advantage of electricity/internet/gas deals. When we moved in, we switched our electricity and gas provider. This saved us over £200 straight away. I recommend checking out Bulb, they’re great and renewable. We also shopped around for internet deals!
  • Get a 16-25 railcard. This is the best way to save money when travelling. Some student bank accounts offer them for free: I got mine with Santander. Even if you need to buy one, it’s still worth it if you take the train often.
  • NUS & supermarket cards. I didn’t personally get an NUS card until my third year, but it has already saved me a lot. Depending on where you shop, it’s probably worth picking one up. I also have a Co-op card, which you can combine with the NUS card for an extra discount. If you shop at Sainsbury’s, a Nectar card is great too.
  • Cashback. I get cashback when I order things online when I remember. TopCashBack is the one I prefer, I’ve received over £200 free money back so far.
  • Movie deals. You can get 2 for 1 cinema tickets with Meerkat movies, which is great if you’ve used Compare the Market, but there are other cinema deals available too. I have a student membership to The Times, which gets me 2 for 1 Odeon weekend cinema tickets as a bonus, along with other perks and a free gift. Picturehouse cinemas also offer free screenings to students through the E4 Slackers Club, so make sure to join that. I recently saw a film for free in Leicester Square with it!
  • Stop buying takeaway pizza and buy supermarket versions instead.  Domino’s may taste like heaven, and sometimes have good deals, but Iceland do amazing stuffed crust pizzas for £2!

Do you have any money-saving tips for UK students?

All the best,

- Emily

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6 Money-Saving Tips for Students in the UK.
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  1. As a student… I definitely need to save up more money since what I earn in my part time job is not enough. I think things were better when I had a piggy bank and I never wanted to break it to see how much money I had, haha!

    Cristina, xo // My Cup of Tea

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