My Denim Jacket: Pins & Patches

It’s been over a year since I started collecting pins and patches for my denim jacket, and it’s getting pretty full! It’s not completely finished yet, there’s a still a few band patches I want to get, but I thought I’d make a little blog post and video showing what I have on it in case anyone wants to see.

My Denim Jacket: Pins & Patches

Most of the patches I have are band ones, including Elvis, The Beatles and Nirvana of course, and yes I know I need to get a Rolling Stones one! I also have a couple of cute pins, of which my favourite is the ‘Don’t Be A Dick’ pin from Veronica Dearly. Some of the cute patches like the toadstool and parrot are by Jennie Maizels, and I got a set of Adventure Time ones from Forbidden Planet.

Check out the video I made below if you want to see everything!

Make sure to let me know your thoughts! Do you like patched jackets?

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