Adorable Iron-on Patches by Jennie Maizels


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Aren’t these just the cutest?! I recently came across Jennie Maizels iron-on patches, and I couldn’t resist picking up a few. I’ve never seen cute patches like these before! I wanted to add some pretty ones to my denim jacket, which is otherwise covered in Elvis and Nirvana.


Jennie does a variety of different embroidered patches, including alphabet letters, individual designs, and themed sets. I picked up two pink letters E and M to have my nickname on my jacket sleeve (because I’m cool).

I couldn’t stop myself from getting these adorable mini toadstools:


You can iron these patches onto pretty much any type of clothing you want like jackets, t-shirts or polo shirts, or on fabric bags and pencil cases… a great way to customise / personalise your stuff!

I also got this Love lettering patch, because it reminded me of the Beatles, and it goes well with my Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s patch:


Have I mentioned the prices yet?!

The alphabet letters are only £1.99 each, most of the individual patches are £3.49 for a large one / 2 small ones, and the themed sets of 5-6 patches are £8.99.

They come all gift-wrapped and if your order is £10 or above, delivery is free!


It was easy to iron these on, and they look so cute!

I always like to put a few small stitches on the corners, just in case they start to peel off.

I definitely want to get a few more Jennie Maizels patches. Her London set is very tempting!

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