Adorable Iron-on Patches by Jennie Maizels

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Iron-on patches are a great way to customise your favourite clothes. These little pieces of fabric can be applied with an iron and come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. They’re also inexpensive, so you don’t have to break the bank just to add some flare!

Today I’m sharing some adorable Jennie Maizels patches, because I love to support independent UK artists and small businesses. Keep reading to find out what I got, and some tips on how to use iron-on patches for a custom DIY aesthetic.


I recently came across some adorable iron-on patches by artist Jennie Maizels, and I couldn’t resist picking up a few. I’ve spent a lot of time adding patches and pins to my custom DIY denim jacket, because I’m all about that indie aesthetic. So far I’ve got lots of rock n’ roll and band patches, so I thought it was about time I added some cuteness too!


Jennie Maizels created a variety of different embroidered patches, including alphabet letters, individual designs, and themed sets. Jennie’s art is characterised by her rainbow illustration style; she’s known for her Sketchbook Club and beautiful children’s pop-up books.

The Patches I Bought from Jennie Maizels

I picked up two pink letters E and M to have my nickname on my jacket sleeve…because I’m cool.

I couldn’t stop myself from getting some adorable mini toadstools too, because I love Alice in Wonderland. Make sure to read my Alice in Wonderland DIY Nails post!

I also got a ‘Love’ lettered patch. It reminded me of the Beatles, and it goes well with my Sgt. Pepper’s patch.


How To Use Iron-On Patches

You can iron these patches onto pretty much any type of clothing you want. Example ideas include jackets, t-shirts or polo shirts, on fabric bags and pencil cases… they’re a great way to customise and personalise your stuff!

I recommend sewing the corners of your patches, particularly if they’re square or have sharp edges. If you just iron them, the patches may start peeling off. I’ve lost a few in my time, so now I always sew the edges as well as ironing them on.


Jennie Maizels Patch Prices

Most of Jennie Maizels patches are £3.49 for a large patch, or for 2 small patches.

The alphabet letters are only £1.99 each, and the themed sets of 5-6 patches are £8.99.

They come all gift-wrapped and if your order is £10 or above, delivery is free.


Make sure to check out my denim jacket with patches and pins blog post to see my full jacket, and Jennie Maizels patches. Her London set is very tempting! I’ve also got a blog post about styling embroidered denim if you’re interested.

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Do you like the DIY patches aesthetic?

If so, let me know your favourite places to get cute iron-on patches!

All the best,

- Emily

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