11 Free Feminine Phone Wallpapers For You!

In a quest to improve the free resources I offer on this blog, and spend some time creating something fun and pretty, I’ve created a collection of 11 feminine phone wallpapers for you (and me!). I made these designs on Canva: some are adaptations from Canva templates, and others are entirely my own creation, alongside inspiring quotes.

Feel free to use them as you please! Make your phone lock screen elegant and inspiring, or share them with your friends.

Click on the below images for a full-sized version to save and use as your phone wallpaper!

Pin Me For Later?

Free Feminine Phone Wallpapers

Let me know if you like any of these free feminine phone wallpapers, and I’ll definitely work on more! For now, check out my Pinterest Phone Wallpapers board for other curated designs.

All the best,

- Emily Free Feminine Phone Wallpapers

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