6 Different Ways to Fall in Love with Frozen Fruit

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Many people are often reluctant to buy frozen fruit, as it offers a different texture in comparison to fresh. Thankfully, there are many ways you can highlight the delicious flavour of the fruit whilst changing the texture. Here are the six different ways to fall in love with frozen fruit.

6 Ways To Enjoy Frozen Fruit

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Frozen Fruit Gelato in Rome

  1. Ice Cream & Sorbet

Frozen fruit can ideally be used to create tasty ice cream and sorbet. There is no reason to defrost the frozen fruit to make the sweet treats, either. All you must do is add it to the best ice cream maker on the market, which will allow you to enjoy a yummy treat within fifteen to twenty-five minutes. Don’t forget to mix and match fruits to create different flavours.

I’ve got a blog post coming up all about the best food in Rome, featuring lots of gelato of course! Gelato is my absolute favourite dessert, as you can see from my pictures.

Frozen Fruit Gelato

  1. Cake

Frozen fruit can also ideally accompany a stunning sponge, which can create a great-tasting cake the whole family will love. You can add them into cake batter to transform a simple sponge, or you can decorate the cake with different frozen fruits to add a burst of colour and flavour. You will also never have to wait for a fruit to come back into season to create a specific bake, such as blueberry muffins or a rhubarb cake.

  1. Jam & Preserves

Have you got no jam in the kitchen cupboard? All you need is a bag of frozen fruit in your freezer to create a sweet jam or savoury preserve, such as a plum or mango chutney or a strawberry or raspberry preserve. You can trust it will taste so much better than the supermarket versions.

  1. Pies & Tarts

Who doesn’t enjoy a fruit-filled tart? There are many flavours you can create using humble frozen fruit, such as a peach crostata, blueberry pie or a cherry tart. Just like ice cream, you will not need to defrost frozen fruit to use it in a pie or tart – and the smell alone as it comes out the oven will make you fall in love with the lip-smacking desserts.

  1. Fruit Smoothies

Are you a big fan of fruit smoothies? Well, you will love them even more when you use frozen fruit. Not only will they be packed full of flavour, but frozen fruit can be a more affordable alternative to fresh options from a supermarket. So, you can create cheaper smoothies without having to compromise on taste and nutrients. There are many smoothie recipes to try to create delightful smoothies that will provide your body with much-needed nutrients. Smoothies’ health benefits are well-known, like glowing skin, brighter eyes and a more general sense of wellness.

  1. A Fruit Cobbler

Cobblers are almost like a heartier alternative to a fruit pie. This deep-dish dessert offers a perfect mix of fruit, batter or biscuit, which are cooked in a baking dish. To create a dish that will remain on your taste buds all-day-long, incorporate apples, blackberries or peaches into your cobbler, which can be perfectly accompanied with a scoop of delicious homemade ice cream (which you can also make with frozen fruit). It is the ultimate after-dinner treat.

What’s your favourite dessert?

All the best, Emily.

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