How to Be Ready for the Real World After You Graduate

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Today’s guest post is full of great advice for graduates. I graduated this year, but as I’m doing a masters’ degree (followed by potentially a PhD), I haven’t entered the ‘real world’ yet. Many of my friends are struggling as graduates at the moment – it’s hard to find graduate-level jobs that don’t also require years of experience. Soon enough I’ll be in the same boat, so here’s some advice that I hope is helpful for you… and future me!

I hate most of my graduation photos, but here’s one of me walking across the stage, and above I’m with my Mum. I’m not very photogenic, and I decided foolishly to wear contact lenses instead of glasses, so I’m squinting in all of them. I’ll be more prepared for my master’s ones!

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University is a great place for you to learn and grow, but not using the most of your time while you are at university is a huge mistake! You need to prepare for life after you graduate, because the more prepared you are, the more success you will have. That is why you need to set goals now, improve your workflow, network, and generally just grow as much as you can as a person. The more experience you have in all areas of your life, the better. To help you be ready for the real world after you graduate, start implementing these tips into your life, today:

  1. Improve Your Workflow Now

Improving your workflow is how you’ll achieve more with the time that you have. Your workflow is directly impacted by things like your attitudes, how well rested you are, and how healthy you are. That is why when you want to improve your workflow, you should start with your health. Having a perfect student accommodation setup is the first step, but you also need to ensure that your bed is comfortable for you, that you eat healthy, well-balanced meals, and that you keep late nights to a minimum. The more controlled your bedtime routine, the more energy you will have the next day.

  1. Make Goals and Achieve Them

Now that you are better able to work during the day, it’s time to start multi-tasking. Start by creating a list of goals that you want to achieve by the time you graduate. Once you have these goals, work backwards. You will want to create a series of steps that you can achieve. The shorter your steps, the better. That way you can continually work towards and accomplish your goals, no matter what they are.

  1. Work Experience is a Must!

Improving your workflow and making goals are great steps towards being ready for the real world. It could mean, for instance, that you manage to set up your own business. If you aren’t an entrepreneur, however, you’ll have to spread out your time between friends, fun, school, and work experience. Don’t settle for any work experience, though – you want to gain actual experience, not work as a gopher who doesn’t get paid. Find internships through your university, and keep applying. The more work experiences you have by the time you graduate, the more employable you will be.

  1. Network

University students are full of potential, which is why university is the perfect place to network. The best part of this is that this type of networking is as genuine as it gets – you’ll basically just be making friends with people! The more genuine your friendship, the more you can ask them for help, whether that’s with getting a job, working on a project, or introducing you to someone.

University: the perfect time to prepare for your future. You can get everything in order, learn what you need to know, network, and develop as a person. It’s the buffer that you need between being a teenager and being a successful adult, so use your time wisely.

I hope you found these tips helpful, let me know if you’ve got any more advice.

Thanks for reading!

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