Doll White Teeth Whitening Strips

Through the Bloggers Love Hub, I recently had the opportunity to review some teeth whitening strips from the brand Doll White. These strips are non-peroxide, which I like because I don’t want to damage my teeth or gums (mine are sensitive!). I also like the sleek packaging, and they’re individually wrapped which is great if you’re going somewhere and just want to take a few. 

Pinterest Power | Book Review

I’ll start off by saying that this book was written in 2012, which I kept in mind while reading it, as some things said are a bit irrelevant now (especially as Instagram is the latest big social media site). I won a copy (and another book about Google+, which I’m currently reading) last year as part of a giveaway, but I went to uni and completely forgot about it until last week. 

Things to do in London: The Shard

I figured since I’ve been an honorary ‘Londoner’ since starting uni in September, I should write a blog series about places I’ve been in London / what I enjoy doing. My first year of university is over now, and I’m so glad I did so much and visited so many places in my spare time. As a student, tourist attractions can be a bit pricey (even with student discount), and they’re usually so crowded, so I tended to avoid them all year until my parents and little brothers came to visit me in May. My Dad wanted to visit The…

Goodwood Festival of Speed!

I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets from Pistonheads to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which was last weekend. My Dad and little brother are really into motorsports (my brother does karting championships and wants to be an F1 driver when he’s older), so they were ecstatic when I told them I’d won tickets. We found out that because my brother is 12, he could get into the festival for free, so I got to go along too!

My DIY Phone Case with Jennie Maizels

Hi! I haven’t posted in a few days because I moved out of my London student accommodation, stayed with my boyfriend for a few days, then we came back to Devon for the summer, so I’ve been really busy. I did manage to find the time to sort out my social media, including my Instagram, I started a Pinterest account (addicted already!), and set up a Facebook Page, which has a lonely single like on it so far! ANYWAY…

The only app you need for Instagram ?

Today I’m sharing the only photo editing app you need for Instagram (except the Instagram app of course). As I mentioned in my Life on Instagram post last week, I’ve been really into editing my photos and sharing them on my Instagram page recently. I was previously using a combination of different editing apps that provide different features: the filters from VSCOcam and some of Instagram’s own filters, SquareInstagram for white borders, PicCollage, Moldiv, and several others. However I found that this was very time-consuming and wasted storage on my phone, so I wanted an app that would provide every…

Beautiful Floral Typography DIY

  I came across a website through the “Internet is Beautiful” SubReddit called Blossom Type, and I just had to share it on here.  As you can see from the image above, Blossom Type is a website where you can type messages in beautiful floral text and send it to someone, download it (I’m using mine as a wallpaper!), or share it online. What makes it so special is that the letters have been handcrafted with flowers and then filmed, making a short movie of your message being created. I wish I could embed the video in this blog post, but alas, you’ll have to check…