We’re moving house! For our Master’s year, my friends and I had originally intended to stay in our current maisonette, until the agency decided to put the rent up. I had a look around Rightmove and quickly realised that for less money, we could get a bigger place with a living room and a balcony, in East London not far from where we live now, so we jumped at the chance!

These past few days have been really stressful trying to sort out a holding deposit, find a fourth flatmate, and figure out how we’re going to get together a £750 deposit each plus £150 in fees, not to mention a month’s rent upfront, while still paying for this place. How do students live in London without parental help?! We’re basically living on nothing until payday, so that can’t come soon enough.

To try and de-stress a little, I’ve been trying to focus on the positives – we get an awesome new place to spend the next year in, and I can’t wait to decorate everything and make it home-y.

We’ve got all of the basics like a toaster and iron, that kind of boring stuff, but now we’re going to have a living room for the first time in London! I’ve been using Love The Sales* to find awesome deals on homeware that I’d love for the new house. A girl can dream right?! I can’t believe I’d never used Love the Sales before, it’s got so many brands on it with the exact discounts of 600 UK retailers, so it’ll be awesome when I’m looking for a dress for graduation!

So, what’s on my wishlist?

#1) Solar Fairy Jars, £9.99. These are so lovely, perfect for the balcony!

#2) Copper 12 Inch Desk Fan, £34.99. We all know bloggers can’t resist copper, and I definitely need a fan in this heat!

#3) Rose Border 3D Heart Mirror, £59.99. How cute is this?!

#4) Ted Baker Marble Bedding, £59. Another blogger’s dream, am I right?

#5) Cinderella Canvas, £11.99. I love this! I’m not sure my flatmates would approve, but it’d be perfect for my bedroom!

#6) Exercise Bike, £79.99. Now we’re going to have a spacious living room, it’d be great to get an exercise machine / bike like this.

#7) Emma Bridgewater Quest Hearts Radio, £119.99. I love listening to music while cooking and cleaning, but I don’t really like having my Macbook in the kitchen in case I spill something on it! I love these retro-style radios.

#8) Homemade With Love Apron, £4. I’m clumsy and I like to bake, enough said.

#9) Newgate Covent Garden Clock, £20. I always rely on my phone alarm, but a proper alarm clock would be more convenient!ewovent Gardn

#10) Geo Artisan Rug, £107.10. I’m a big fan of rugs, especially on wooden flooring. They’re so comfortable.

#11) Stormtrooper Mug, £8.99. I love Star Wars and novelty mugs!

#12) Orla Blush Coffee Table, £159. A nice coffee table in the living room like this would be perfect.

#13) Personalised Heritage Pavilion Mug, £10. Yes, another mug, but I couldn’t resist. It’s adorable.

If you follow me on Pinterest you’ll have notice an influx of ‘dream home’ pins and ‘student bedroom ideas’, which have been floating around my mind recently. You can see the vibes I’m going for below: pastel pinks and lots of plants would be the ultimate goal, and I’m loving geometric designs too. I’m a very ‘eclectic’ person – no minimalism around here… I can’t wait until I have my own place one day, I’ll be painting all over the walls I swear!

Where do you shop for homeware? Have you used Love the Sales before? They’ve also got lots of fashion and beauty on there too, it’s worth checking out!

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  • *via Love The Sales