5 Free Instagram Story Templates To Boost Your Engagement

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Hello! Today I’ve decided to share a quick post featuring 5 free Instagram Story templates that you can use.

In case you’re not sure what Instagram Stories are, they’re posts that last 24 hours before they get removed. Similar to Snapchat, stories are temporary. They’re generally more fun and less curated than Instagram feed posts, making them ideal for getting to know your followers better!

Why Use Instagram Story Templates?

Using Instagram Story templates is a quick and easy way to share some content, and make use of the various interactive features available on Instagram. You can type, draw, or add stickers and GIFs to your Instagram Stories, to add a bit of fun to your profile.

If you’re a blogger, content creator or small business owner, Instagram stories are a great place to get more personal with your audience and show them the ‘real you’. Behind-the-scenes content is really popular on Instagram stories. If you’re not already using the stories feature, you’re really missing out on connecting with others and leaving a lasting impression. Over 500 million people use Instagram Stories, so you want to make yours stand out from the crowd.

Personally, I’m much more likely to continue following an influencer if they post funny, relatable, or behind-the-scenes content on Instagram stories. While aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds have become the norm, I like to see that the person I’m following is real and genuine!

Using premade Instagram story templates also encourages your followers to respond with emojis, DMs, or by completing the same template and tagging you. They can foster a community, and spur conversations!

Make sure to use all of Instagram’s features for optimal engagement stats, like polls, giphy stickers, and Q&A’s. Instagram story templates are perfect for those times when you’re not quite sure what to post, or you just want to have a bit of fun.

Don’t forget that you can also add stories to ‘Highlights’, meaning they’ll show up at the top of your Instagram profile. If you add a story to your highlights, it will stay visible for as long as you want!

Where To Make Instagram Story Templates

Canva is a great place to make free Instagram Story templates. There are many preset templates available on the platform, ready for you to customise. Alternatively, you could create your own from scratch.

I use a mixture of Canva, Adobe Spark (included in a Creative Cloud subscription), and Photoshop. Canva and Adobe Spark are my favourites for creating quick and aesthetic interactive Instagram stories.

Other popular apps for creating Instagram story templates include:

  • Kapwing
  • Over
  • Unfold
  • Storyluxe
  • Easil
Interactive Instagram Story Templates

5 Free Templates for Your Instagram Stories

If you’d like some free Instagram Story templates, I got you!

Here are 5 instagram templates for interactive stories I’ve created in Canva and Adobe Spark. Simply download the images, fill out your responses on Instagram, and share away. Feel free to pin this blog post for later if you need to.

You can download them below via Gumroad for high-quality images, or screenshot from my Templates Story Highlight on Instagram. I recommend downloading from Gumroad to get the full-size resolution templates.

Free Instagram Story Templates
Get The Templates

If you use these templates, make sure to tag me @emilyunderworld, I’d love to see your responses to the questions and the ‘This or That’ quizzes!

Do you use Instagram Story Templates to engage with your audience?

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All the best,

- Emily

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