20 Quarantine Blog Post Ideas

Quarantine Blog Post Ideas

Disclaimer: This blog post “20 Quarantine Blog Post Ideas” contains affiliate links. I am an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles and Big Pin Energy, a Pinterest Course.

Hello! I hope you’re all keeping well and staying safe at home. During this quarantine, I’ve been enjoying a bit of escapism through getting creative, focusing on self-care, and reading lots of books. I’ve tried some new recipes, practiced my Italian, and refashioned some of my old clothes.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The pandemic has affected my mental health, and I wish I could be with my family, but they live hours away. As I work in tourism, my workplace is closed and I cannot work. Which means, no money. I’ve spent a significant amount of time stressing about rent, anxiously awaiting my Master’s degree results (while knowing that our graduation has been cancelled), and getting upset reading stories about the deaths of NHS staff.

I have been absolutely blown away by the kindness of strangers during this time. A few lovely girls on Twitter offered to post me some paracetamol to help with my hemiplegic migraines, I’ve been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons with kind people online, and many bloggers have been very supportive when I’ve shared my struggles with money and chronic illness.

I’d like to particularly thank Kayleigh Zara for being such a lovely human being, and Emily Dyson for teaching me how to use Pinterest effectively* to increase my income. Both of these gals have been so supportive and have sent me advice and suggestions for helping my financial situation by making money online.

20 Quarantine Blog Post Ideas

Today I’m sharing 20 Quarantine Blog Post Ideas. If you’re struggling with content ideas during this time, particularly if you usually focus on niches like travel, restaurants, or things to do out and about in London etc., your usual content might not be appropriate to publish right now. However, that doesn’t mean you should abandon it! I have several travel blog posts featuring museums I visited in Edinburgh, but I’ve saved them as drafts for the future.

Keep reading for 20 Quarantine Blog Post Ideas, or Pin It for later. I hope these ideas help inspire you!

20 Quarantine Blog Post Ideas

DIY Denim Jacket Patches

1. DIY Crafts.

Upcycled some clothes? Made something cool out of random junk in your house? Have you finally learned how to sew? Write about it, and show your readers how to make something creative!

I decided to start painting the roses on my chest of drawers… I’ll share the finished photos ASAP!
Disney Baking Ideas 2020

2. Baking.

Have you made some amazing banana bread recently? Sourdough? You might inspire someone to bake, and take their minds off the pandemic… while creating some tasty food!

Books to Read in 2020

3. Books you’ve been reading.

At the moment, my book blog posts have been the most popular, particularly on Pinterest. With digital books available on Kindle, and many bookshops operating online, many are looking for recommendations. Are you working towards a Goodreads Reading Challenge? How is it going?

20 Quarantine Blog Post Ideas

4. Gratitude + Positivity Lists.

One thing I love about the internet is finding positivity and people sharing the little joys in life, even during the worst times. By sharing what you’re grateful for, you could brighten someone’s day, even just a little, which is totally worth it. 

5. Things you’re looking forward to after the pandemic.

We will get through this, one way or another. With so much tragedy, scary politics, it can be hard to imagine a future. Try to write a list of things you’re looking forward to, even little things like going to a park with friends, or wandering around a museum. 

Creative Blog Post Ideas 2020

6. Netflix & Disney+ Recommendations.

With so many of us stuck at home, it’s no wonder that Netflix and Disney+ have seen huge increases in popularity. You could write about your favourite movies, documentaries, TV shows… or get super niche and write about specific genres, e.g. True Crime, Baking, or Stand-Up Comedy!

7. Online Small Business Gift Guides / Etsy Wishlists.

Many small businesses are struggling at the moment. If you’re thinking of writing a wishlist or a gift guide, try to feature small online businesses and Etsy shops! The owners will be grateful, and customers will be happy that their money is helping someone in a tough situation, as opposed to a huge corporation.

8. Blogs you’ve been reading.

I don’t know about you, but I love it when I see bloggers recommending other bloggers! I’m here for community spirit and support.

Quarantine Blog Post Inspiration

9. Self Care. Mindfulness. Meditation Tips. Useful Mental Health Apps or Books.

All of the above are very important, but especially during a global crisis. Many will be experiencing trauma, loss, and depression as a result of the pandemic, who may not have experienced any significant mental health issues before. Do you suffer with anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem? Share your experience, and let people know what helped you. 

Skincare Blog Posts For Quarantine

10. Your Skincare Routine.

Sorted out an at-home spa? Are you a pro at doing your nails and hair at home? Let the world know your tips! You don’t need to purchase any new products – write about your favourites, or products that didn’t work well for you.

20 Quarantine Blog Post Ideas

11. Healthy Food & Easy Meals To Make.

Personally, I’ve been trying out lots of new recipes during the past month or so, and I’m looking forward to trying more! I’ve learned new cooking skills, and how to re-create some of my restaurant favourites at home. If you’ve done the same, why not write about it?

20 Quarantine Blog Post Ideas
Would you like to see a tour of my bedroom? Let me know in the comments.

12. Home Organisation & Storage Tips. 

Many of us are spring cleaning our homes at the moment, myself included. Organisation and storage tips for keeping your home tidy are good lifestyle topics to write about because they’re ‘evergreen’ content, meaning that they’ll always be useful and relevant.

20 Quarantine Blog Post Ideas

13. Homeware & Decor Inspiration.

Do you live in rented or student accommodation? Share how you personalise your living space, without risking your deposit!

Have you upcycled any furniture, or created an art wall?

If you’re brave, make a room tour video!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Museum Design
I put my Grandad’s paintings in Animal Crossing, cute right?!

14. Video Games.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is very popular at the moment! Share a tour of your island or your house, or if you don’t play Animal Crossing, write about your favourite video games. The Sims 4 is another popular game you could write about if you play it!

20 Quarantine Blog Post Ideas

15. Started a new hobby?

Have you started knitting or crochet? Are you learning a new language, trying out new recipes, or sorting out your garden? We want to know!

Have you discovered any new music recently? Share your favourite albums, your workout playlist, or a chilled-out playlist for reading and relaxing!

Visiting Edinburgh

16. Share your old travel photography for a bit of escapism.

I recently decided to sort out some photos from my trip to Edinburgh last November, and uploaded them to my blog as a photo diary. Although we cannot travel at the moment, people are looking for travel inspiration for future trips, and a little escape from at-home life.

Self Care Activities Printable
Get the free printable version here.

17. Do you have a scrapbook or a bullet journal?

Share a peek inside or make a flip-through video! These are very popular on Pinterest, alongside writing and art journals.

I’ll be writing a blog post featuring my bullet journal and adventure book ASAP!

18. Studying Advice!

University and College students are learning online and writing their essays at home instead of the library. Productivity & studying tips are very useful, and another evergreen topic.

Money Saving Tips for 2020

19. Finances.

Do you budget? Have any tips for saving money? Have you started a side hustle to make a bit of extra money online? Due to the current economic situation, and many not able to work due to coronavirus, managing finances is incredibly important.

20 Quarantine Blog Post Ideas

20. Write about your hopes, dreams and goals for the future.

Get more personal with your audience, and understand yourself a bit better along the way. Free writing is a great way to do this! If you have a specific list of goals or a vision board, write about that!

I hope these suggestions have inspired you to write some blog posts during quarantine, or start your own blog if you haven’t already!

If you’re struggling to focus while working from home, take a look at this brilliant Work At Home resources bundle*. It’s on sale at the moment for $47, including products worth over $1600!

Work At Home Tips

The bundle includes eBooks, eCourses, workbooks and more to help you, including:

  • Finding real work from home jobs (with 150 companies that hire).
  • Developing side hustle income streams from home (freelance writing, VA work, & more!)
  • Work smarter and get more done.

Let me know what you’ve been writing about during this time, and how you’re doing during this time.

Do you have any Quarantine Blog Post Ideas?

Stay safe at home.

All the best,


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  1. This is an excellent time to take advantage of extra downtime and be productive by writing more blog posts. Thanks for these post ideas! I especially love the idea about writing blog posts recommending other blogs you’ve been reading. Supporting and networking with other bloggers is such a huge help. And now more than ever we need to support each other! – Briana | https://www.nextdestinationunknown.com/

  2. Thankyou so much for mentioning me in this – it actually warmed my heart so much!

    I’ve been doing alot of reading, drawing and writing to keep me going through this. I’d really love to try some DIY ideas though 💜

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