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Have you ever thought about what would be in your dream home? If you’re anything like me, I’m assuming yes.

Maybe you have a dream home Pinterest board (with 2000 pins!) like I do. Or maybe you’re not that extra.

Today we’re taking a step into fantasy land, and I’m sharing My Dream Home: A Vision Board with you. A gal’s gotta dream, right?

My Dream Home: A Vision Board

My Dream Home: A Vision Board

My Dream Home: A Vision Board

1. Big Windows

I’d absolutely love to live in one of those converted warehouse apartments along the canals in East London. I walk past them all the time, gazing up at the huge windows filled with plants, and the exposed brick… *sigh*. One day!

Just imagine sitting with a cup of tea and a book, next to the tall windows, views of the boats and ducks swimming in the canal.

2. Lots of Colour

Bohemian maximalism is totally my vibe.

If I had my way (or wasn’t renting), I’d be painting the walls and doors with colourful murals! Carrie Fisher’s home, or this beautiful mosaic home in Chiswick would be the absolute dream.

3. All the Plants

In case you didn’t know, I love plants. During lockdown, our living room has essentially become a greenhouse, where I’m growing lots of little seedlings.

I’ve added many houseplants to my collection (if you’re in the UK, check out Patch – I love them!). I’ve also propagated some cacti and spider plants. If you’ve seen that meme on TikTok about becoming obsessed with plants in your twenties… that’s essentially me.

My dream home would definitely be filled with plants, with an outdoor space for growing! While I do have an outdoor space at the moment, it’s just wooden decking, so I only have a few pots out there right now… and some ivy.

If you’re interested in reading about plants for witchcraft, I’ve got a blog post all about that.

4. Wooden Floors

Speaking of wood, don’t you just love wooden floors? I do. I’m so grateful that our rented house has wooden flooring! I’ve added a few cosy rugs (in my bedroom and living room), but for the most part, I enjoy having dark wood flooring all over my home. Plus, it’s amazing for flatlay photography!

My dream home would definitely need to have solid wood flooring*! If I found the perfect home, but it didn’t have wooden flooring, I’d DIY it with the help of a company like Flooring365.

5. A Library

I’m sure many of you bookish types would agree with me on this one. A library. My bookshelf here in London is a bit overwhelmed, and I’ve had to leave many of my childhood favourites back at my parent’s house in Devon. I’d love to have a library, or just a huge floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, filled with books, my vinyl record collection, and ornaments.

I did promise myself that I wouldn’t buy any more books in 2020… but then the pandemic happened, I finished my Master’s degree, and my Goodreads challenge has been keeping me going. I have managed to stick to my other ‘spending bans’ though, so that’s something!

Here are some bookish blog posts if you’re in the mood to read:

What would your dream home look like? Do you have a vision board?

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  1. Wood floors and lots of color sounds great to me! I also love the idea of a library, but I probably don’t read enough to justify it. Lol

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