8 Ideas For Your Creative Self-Care Routine

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Hello, it’s been a while! Today I’m sharing some ideas for your creative self-care routine. I’ve made a printable infographic too so you can download it as a reminder.

Building a self-care routine is so important if you suffer from mental health issues or a chronic illness like I do. Even if you’re not struggling at the moment, it’s still imperative to rest, take breaks, and feed your creativity.

Ideas for your creative self-care routine

I recently wrote a big ol’ blog post featuring 50 creative hobbies to try at home this year, but this one is all about helping you find some ‘me time’ with a creative self-care routine.

As many of us start going back to work in the office (or a museum in my case), it’s important to maintain the boundaries, alone time, and wellbeing rituals we established last year.

I found myself slipping into bad habits recently, so I had to take a step back. I needed a reminder of what my responsibilities are, and what they are not. With restaurants and museums reopening here in the UK, my friends and I are all eager to get back out into the world!

However, filling up my schedule with too many activities is not a habit I want to sustain. In 2019 my stress levels were at an all-time high, resulting in some serious health incidents, including a mini-stroke. When I say self-care is essential, I mean it.

Anyway, here are 8 Ideas for Your Creative Self-Care Routine. Making sure I follow these helps maintain my creativity with minimal stress, and work through creative blocks.

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1. Create a Brain Dump Notebook or Sketchbook

Get all of your ideas out of your brain, and into a notebook or sketchbook. Make sure you take it wherever you go, because you never know when inspiration will strike! This is essential for me, because I have a terrible memory.

If you’re in need of a new notebook, here’s a list of my favourites. I also recommend checking out Papier, their personalised journals are excellent.

2. Create or Find a Place for your Creative Work

Whether you’re a writer, artist or musician, you need a place to work creatively. You might work best in a quiet tranquil space, or maybe a bustling coffee shop! Find what works for you. I love to sit outside to draw or paint when the weather is nice.

3. Try Something New!

Experiment with a different medium, colour palette, or style. You don’t always need to stick with what you know: embrace being a beginner and learn a new genre of music, art, or writing!

4. Reflect on your Creative Journey

Celebrate your wins! It’s important to reflect on your older work and see how far you’ve come. We often get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget how we’ve progressed and improved.

Here’s a recent win for me: I sold 50 greetings cards on Thortful! I never thought that many people would buy my cards, so I’m incredibly grateful.

5. Collaborate

Struggling with creative block? Try collaborating with someone! You don’t always have to work alone, and connecting with another creative can enable new ideas to flourish. You might learn something from them too.

6. Take a Break

We all need breaks to make sure we don’t burn out. Look after yourself – your creativity won’t disappear if you take a break!

7. Look for Inspiration

Spend time looking for inspiration in the real world or online. Read books, browse Pinterest, explore your city, create vision boards. You can find inspiration anywhere. Sometimes we just need a new perspective to figure things out.

8. Create Something Just For You

You don’t have to share everything you make with the world. Try painting or drawing for mindfulness, and make something just for you.

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Download the 8 Creative Self-Care Routine Infographic

If you’d like a PDF version of the creative self-care routine infographic, you’re welcome to download it below via Gumroad.

Get The PDF

All the best,

- Emily

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Ideas For Your Creative Self-Care Routine
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  1. A unique way to look at self-care. I couldn’t agree more that it’s essential. I’ve recently started ‘brain dumping’ and I’m finding it pretty effective. I also find that when I take a break and go for a walk, that’s when I become most creative. Thanks for these great tips. I love your infographic too.

    Gemma x

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