21 Creative Ideas For Empty Notebooks or Blank Journals

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Hello you. You’re the type of person who continues to purchase adorable notebooks, despite having a stash of them at home with no use. I know, because I was you.

I’d have a collection of cute notebooks and journals I held on to because I thought they’d be useful at university. I had some journals that I never wrote a single word in, simply because I didn’t want to ‘ruin’ the first page.

When I finally finished my Master’s degree, I had a huge clear-out. I needed to find a purpose for all of these empty notebooks, so I went to the best place on the internet… Pinterest.

I now have a useful function for each of my notebooks! Yes, every single one. I’ve got a mindfulness journal filled with gratitude and positivity, a recipe book because I’ve been spending quarantine learning how to cook, a book of shadows for my witchcraft practice… and oh gosh, so many more.

After the huge popularity of my 21 Self-Care Ideas blog post and printable, I’m back today with another one. I’ve curated a list of 21 Ideas For Empty Notebooks.

Now you have no excuses for those beautiful unused journals I know you have hidden away at home. If you want to treat yourself to a beautiful new Papier notebook, don’t feel guilty about it!

21 Ideas For Empty Notebooks

21 Ideas For Empty Notebooks

  1. A Bullet Journal
  2. Sketchbook
  3. Book Reviews and Reading Lists
  4. One Line Every Day
  5. Gratitude Journal
  6. Meal Planner
  7. Exercise Log
  8. A Diary
  9. Film Reviews
  10. Bucket List
  11. School / College / Uni Notes
  12. Address Book
  13. Travel Journal
  14. To-Do Lists
  15. Sticker or Stamp Collection
  16. Quotes and Affirmations
  17. Art / Collage Journal
  18. Language Practice
  19. Recipe Book
  20. Goal Tracker
  21. Blogging Planner

If you’d like to download any of my free printables, you can get them on Gumroad. Feel free to share the graphic on your social media or in a blog post with credit.

P.S. Need a new notebook? Here are some of my favourites:

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Do you have any other ideas for empty notebooks? Let me know!

All the best,

- Emily

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21 Ideas For Empty Notebooks
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  1. Hello, Good Morning. I found your site on Pinterest and when I arrived the first thing I noticed is your handicapped sticker. Being disabled myself, I decided to write and ask you what that’s all about. Thanks.

  2. Yes, yes, I am the person who buys a lot of notebooks but does not use them.
    You know, I have a few bullet journals but they are still empty. And also in the spring I started to keep a journal where I wrote down my schedule, but I dropped it. I suppose I should resume keeping the journal now. I have found inspiration at Pinterest and I hope it will be long enough for me.
    These are cool ideas!

  3. I love these ideas! I too have a stash of empty notebooks, but lately I have been filling them more. I have a gratitude journal, a notebook where I plan my goals & record progress on them, a small notebook for a general to-do list, and a general journal where I write all sorts of stuff! You’ve given me some more ideas though – I especially like the sound of a quotes and affirmations journal. I’ve also heard of people keeping dream journals!
    Sophie | http://thisbrilliantday.com

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