10 Low-Energy Daily Witchcraft Practices

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I wasn’t sure how to title this post, to be honest. I originally intended this for disabled and chronically ill witches like myself, but I realised that it could be helpful for anyone. I settled on low-energy daily witchcraft practices because these are some things I do when I don’t have enough energy for deep research or long rituals.

By low-energy, I mean short and simple witchcraft practices that you can do daily. By no means am I suggesting that you do all 10 of these every day (I certainly don’t), but I do incorporate witchcraft into my everyday life. Sometimes it’s as simple as stirring intention into my tea or meditating for 5 minutes. I see magick as like a muscle, it needs to be maintained.

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10 Low-Energy Daily Practices For Witches

Whether you’re a new witch, you’re feeling a bit burned out, or struggling with mental health… let’s take some time to get back into the basics and keep your magickal practice going.

It’s been a few months since I made a video, so I decided to make one for this blog post. I’m truly amazed that so many people have subscribed to my YouTube channel, especially as I only make short videos at the moment. It means a lot! I’ve got another video scheduled for next week, I’m aiming to upload there more regularly.

  1. Start your day with a 5-minute meditation.

2. Light candles for your deities.

3. Pray to your deities, or to the universe.

4. Pull a tarot card for the day.

5. Go outside and ground yourself.

Grounding Tips:

Sit, lie or place your hands on the ground.

Feel the energy of the Earth. Breathe deeply.

Imagine that your body is like a tree, with roots reaching deep into the Earth.

Visualise (if you can) your energy running into the ground, or vice versa if you feel you need energy.

6. Check the moon phase and astrological placements.

7. Stir intention into your tea or coffee.

8. Leave an offering at your altar.

9. Make some moon water or charge your crystals in moonlight.

How To Make Moon Water:

Fill a jar or container with water, and leave it to charge in moonlight.

Full Moon water is the most potent, but this can be done at any time, except during a lunar eclipse.

If you have a specific intention or affirmation, focus on it.

Feel free to add water-safe crystals to your moon water.

10. Write in your grimoire, book of shadows or journal. I have a blog post featuring some grimoire journaling prompts scheduled for next week!

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Over the years, I have struggled with feeling guilty and inferior when I have a lupus flare. I also have aphantasia, which means I can’t visualise. I physically can’t practice witchcraft as intensely as many other witches, and that’s okay.

Making sure I practice every day, even if just for 5 minutes, helps me feel grounded and connected. Regular meditation is definitely something to prioritise because it’s essentially training your brain!

Are you a disabled witch like me? I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic, and how you maintain a daily witchcraft routine. I hope you find these low-energy daily witchcraft practices helpful.

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10 Low-Energy Daily Witchcraft Practices
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  1. I have aphantasia too so it’s nice to see someone else who struggles with the constant call for visualisation when it comes to meditation. I try to use the feeling in and around my body to help me think of myself as surrounded by light

  2. I didn’t know you had a YouTube channel, and since binging YouTube video’s is my absolute favorite thing. I’ll take a look. Loved this video by the way. I hope you are doing well. You are an inspiration to folks like me who want to start a channel, but don’t want to have to worry about filming myself. LOVE THIS. — Wye

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