Cute Quirky Stationery Ideas for Students

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Last updated: 4th February 2021.

Cute and Quirky Stationery for Students flat lay.

We all love quirky stationery, right?!

It’s nearing exam season now, so it’s time for me to get started with my revision. Thankfully I only have one exam this year, so I can focus entirely on acing that one, but I still needed some quirky stationery to motivate me!

I’m always drawn to quirky, unique things, so I figured I’d write a blog post sharing what I’ve been using recently. I’ve also searched through Amazon to find some more cool stationery ideas for you. I’ll share those at the end of this post!

  • Chewbacca Pencil Case. We all need a pencil case, and this one is so fluffy I could die! I got it for Christmas from my mum, along with a cute set of Star Wars stationery. I’ve been taking the set to lectures all year.
  • Clipboard to-do list notepad. This is incredibly helpful for organising my revision, general things I need to remember to do, and blog post ideas. I got this clipboard list pad from Paperchase – it’s magnetic! Here’s a similar magnetic clipboard list pad on Amazon, they’re perfect for sticking on the fridge.
  • a Lego style notebook! I got this one from ASDA but here’s a similar blue version on Amazon. It’s perfect for writing notes in and keeping in my tote bag. The cover is silicone, so it’s really soft.
quirky stationery flat lay, featuring wooden magnetic pegs, a chewbacca pencil case, lego notebook, campervan USB stick, and grass pens.
  • Wooden Magnetic Pegs. These ones are from Tiger. I thought it would be a cute way to put notes up on my blackboard or on the fridge. I love the funny little phrases they feature, like “ignore” and “not-to-do”. You can find many similar magnetic pegs on Amazon. 
  • Grass Pens! I found these grass pens on Amazon, and couldn’t resist ordering them. They’re really comfortable to write with, although probably not the most practical for taking to lectures. I’ve put them in a little glass jar so they double as uni room decor. I’m all for multi-tasking, because I’m a broke student!
Campervan USB stick, rainbow gel pen and grass pens on a desk.
  • Campervan USB stick. I’ve had this little campervan for USB stick for years, and I love it. It even lights up when you plug it in! The one I have only holds about 1gb in storage (which is pretty much nothing these days). Here’s an official Volkswagen camper USB stick with 16gb storage! *adds to wishlist*
  • Pastel Rainbow Gel Pens. Is there a cuter way to write notes than with a rainbow ink gel pen? No, not really. It’s even scented, which makes me feel so nostalgic for the gel pens I had during childhood.
Student halls bedroom bookshelf decorated with postcards and quirky stationery.

That Lame Company sent me their awesome motivation postcards. These are making my workspace a little more fun! How do you decorate your student study space?

More Quirky Stationery Ideas!

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Do you have any cute quirky stationery? Let me know which pens or notebooks are your favourite!

Thanks for reading,

- Emily

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  1. I love stationery and cute ones are twice as good! Those grass pens look amazing and such a good idea putting them in a jar… I’m sure you could find a flower one to add into the middle!

  2. I love the clip-board to-do list! I’ve been looking for one similar for ages but I don’t live near any stationary shops 🙁 I did go to paperchase at the airport recently though but couldn’t find anything! Guess I’m going to have to go online!

  3. I love the clip-board to-do list! I’ve been looking for one similar for ages but I don’t live near any stationary shops 🙁 I did go to paperchase at the airport recently though but couldn’t find anything! Guess I’m going to have to go online!

  4. These are all ADORABLE! Love your picks – fun stuff makes being productive a lot less lame 🙂

    Valery Brennan

  5. Oh I love those post cards! They are beyond cute 😉 I love the usb stick as well x

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  6. Such great stationary! I love the pegs and that campervan usb is to die for xo

    Emily |

  7. I’m a sucker for sweet ‘n’ sassy stationary and this ticks all the boxes!

    Only 30 hours to enter my summer style giveaway!


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