my-bedJust a quick warning: This post is very picture-heavy! 

I love my University bedroom. It’s smaller than my one at home, but it’s cosy (despite the heating not working properly), and I like having my own ensuite bathroom. Since September, I’ve been slowly making this room more homely and I’m finally happy with it, thanks to George Home, who sent me some lovely homeware items! 

I decided to get myself some cute bedding, which is the best way to personalise your university room in my opinion. I chose an Aztec Racoon duvet cover, with a faux wolf fur throw. I couldn’t resist getting a Beatles cushion to go on my bed, it’s adorable! My bed is now so comfortable, the throw is so soft and warm.


Moving on to my bedside table, I have the typical items like a lamp, my phone and the book I’m currently reading (Ensnared by A.G Howard), and my new gorgeous doll-house jewellery box.



This jewellery box is probably one of the prettiest things I own, and it fits perfectly with the pastel blue theme I have going on. Plus it’s only £15 from George Home! I love the doll-house design and the cute drawer handles.



My pinboard is one of my favourite things about my room. Unlike some of my friends who just pin up important things like work and to-do lists, I’ve made mine really personal and happy with pictures of me with my school friends and my brothers, as well as polaroids from Taylor Swift’s 1989 album and random pictures of Elvis. I also have some latin pinned up in the middle, because I’m awful at remembering it. Surrounding my pinboard are my beautiful rose fairy-lights that I wrote about here.



My desk is a little too messy to show properly right now, but basically at one end I have my makeup and stationery storage, which is where I work, and the other end has my teasmade, my fridge (with really cute magnets), and my new Breville toasted sandwich press from George Home. Basically, I could probably survive for a few days without actually leaving my room (not that I’d do that).


My new sandwich maker is literally the best thing ever, I love cheese toasties, so they’re my go-to for lunch if I’m not at Uni. It literally takes a few minutes to make some cheesy perfection, so much quicker than using the grill in my oven!


My mum got me this teasmade about 2 years ago, and it’s awesome. I am a tea addict, so of course I had to bring it to uni with me. Oh, and it has a picture of me and my mum when I was little inside it!


I have far too many mugs, including several Alice in Wonderland ones and a Sleeping Beauty one, but I wanted a cute little teacup and saucer, and this one from George is perfect. It’s only £2.50 from their Vintage Dining Collection and the pastel pink is so pretty. I keep it on my windowsill because I’m paranoid about knocking it over and breaking it!


One of my favourite things on my desk is my new hourglass timer – it makes studying a bit more fun… not that Latin is fun. George Home do loads of awesome Frozen things, and as a Disney fan, I had to get something. I decided on this Elsa & Anna Ice Gel Tumbler, which is pretty cool because I can put it in the freezer and the gel will freeze and keep my drink cold!

I’m not going to show you a picture of my ensuite, because it’s very small and not that interesting, but I wanted to quickly show this cute zebra towel that I got from George to make the bathroom a little cuter:


My door is really heavy and slams itself shut, so I like having a door stop to keep it open when I want to be a bit more social, or if I’m going in and out of the kitchen. I really like this butterfly one from George, it’s cute!


And Finally, I decided to get a dreamcatcher, which I’ve hung above my window (there’s no room around my bed due to the excessive Elvis and Star Wars posters!). It makes my window a little more exciting, and looks pretty when the light shines through it.


I’m aiming to branch out into YouTube videos this year, and filming a room tour is something I’m keen to do because it’s impossible to show you everything in a blog post! Hopefully that’ll happen soon.


Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to choose some items from George Home to review. My reviews are always honest.