50+ Aesthetic Instagram Story Stickers! The Best GIF Ideas

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Wondering what to type in to find the best aesthetic Instagram story stickers? I got you! Here are 50+ Instagram story sticker creators, and keywords to type in on Giphy for the best GIF ideas.

I shared some of my favourite Giphy creators last year, in a blog post all about where to find cute stickers for Instagram stories. Today I’m sharing lots more!

50+ Aesthetic Instagram Story Stickers.

I became a Giphy sticker artist too. You can find my stickers by typing in ’emilyunderworld’ on Giphy or the Instagram story sticker search bar. My stickers have over 50 million views, which is absolutely mindblowing to me!

Oh, and you can use them on TikTok as well.

How To Use Stickers on Instagram Stories

  1. Press the + symbol on the top right of the Instagram app.
  2. Select Story
  3. Take / upload a photo or choose ‘create’ to type.
  4. Click the square smiley face button at the top.
  5. Use the search bar or click on GIF to find stickers.
  6. Drag and pinch to move or resize your sticker.
  7. Add more stickers if you like!

I recommend downloading the Giphy app, so you can ‘favourite’ the stickers you like. That way you won’t lose them in the future. You can also copy and paste gifs and stickers right from the app.

50+ Instagram Story Sticker Artists


Bujo Aesthetic Instagram Story Stickers

Are you a bullet journaler? I am!

If you’re a fan of bullet journals, paper, scrapbooking or crafts… search these words to find the perfect aesthetic Instagram story stickers:

  • tape
  • washi
  • latifundija – super cute doodles!
  • bujo
  • beige
  • collage – you can have so much fun with these!
  • lines
  • frames
  • paper
  • captions

If you want to see how I use these, follow my bookstagram / digital journal Instagram @classicalarchaeologist!


Witchy Instagram Story Stickers

  • witchy
  • goth
  • gothic
  • crystals
  • cottagecore
  • tarot
  • magick

Search ’emilyunderworld’ to find my witchy stickers. I’ll work on more ASAP!

Boho Botanical Instagram Story Stickers

  • botanical
  • boho
  • bohemian
  • 🌻 (yes, you can search emojis on giphy. More about that later in this post!)
  • the uncommon place
  • gladdest

Cute Quote Sticker Ideas

  • lidiaontheroad
  • megantje
  • steffi
  • studiojonesie
  • hanmade
  • muchable
  • foopklo
  • marieboiseau
  • ohlalalita – simple white handwritten stickers

Indie Aesthetic Instagram Story Stickers

  • Emmadarvick – I love Emma’s designs!
  • Bossgirl – full of girl boss quotes and pink doodles.
  • Gravitando – the cutest Harry Potter stickers.
  • Vaporwave – for a very ~ vibey ~ aesthetic.
  • Haley Ivers – cute minimalistic doodles.
  • Anchetulil – indie drawing stickers.
  • Melaniejohnsson – abstract / flat design illustrations.
  • Aesthetic – I don’t think I need to explain this one!

Cosy Hygge Lifestyle Stickers

Are you all about the cosy hygge lifestyle? Me too! Here are some of my favourite creators and keywords for hygge story stickers:

  • Lizapro
  • Merelscorner
  • Malenaflores
  • Handmade – these are perfect if you run a small business, you’re an artist or share your creative hobbies!
  • Hygge

The Secret Emoji Gif Stickers!

I only discovered this recently: you can put an emoji in the search bar and it’ll show you related stickers. You might know this already, but hey, it’s worth sharing in case you didn’t.

I’ve tested this out with lots of emojis, and it doesn’t work with all of them. Here are some that do work!

🕯 📓 🏺 🌻 🦋 

Alright, that was a lot of aesthetic Instagram Story Stickers! I hope you found this helpful.

For more ideas, follow me on Pinterest and have a look at my previous Giphy sticker ideas blog post.

All the best,

- Emily

P.S. Check out my Redbubble if you like my designs and would like to purchase any stickers!

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