Buongiorno from Rome!

Buongiorno! I’m writing this in our hotel lobby, Occidental Aurelia, just down the road from Vatican city! A friend from work planned a trip to Rome, and I just happened to be on reading week, so grabbed a cheap British Airways flight to show her around for a few days. Our trip so far has consisted of the typical tourist sites including the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill,  Vatican, Trevi Fountain and all that jazz, along with incredibly cheap (and strong) cocktails and all the good Roman food. I’m in semester 2 of my MA in Classical Art & Archaeology, so I’ve been showing off my knowledge, pointing out the parts of Rome that are ancient (*cough* not the Il Vittoriano *cough* built in 1911) and the best sculpture in museums. I adore London, but I’ve been thinking about living in Rome for a year or so, I’d love to be surrounded by the archaeology I study, and improve my basic Italian skills.

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My grandfather is Italian, and I certainly take after that side of the family, with my curly hair, big eyebrows and Roman nose. I certainly feel a lot less weird here; in London I feel rather ugly. Anyway, after the trip I’ll go through my photos and write a proper blog post, but for now make sure to check my Instagram. I’ve been posting lots of stories, which is rare for me!

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As for a general life update, I’ll summarise because who has time to read my ramblings? Besides, I have a mojito waiting for me..

  • I bought myself an upgraded Lenovo Thinkpad laptop, it’s really fast and has the same specs as my Macbook Pro… for £2000 less. I’m going to sell my Macbook because I’ve not had this one long but I’m not a fan, and can’t justify the price as a broke masters student.
  • I’m getting new glasses once I’m back in London! Turns out my prescription was quite a bit too strong, so I’m excited to be able to see better again.
  • I went part-time on my masters degree. Getting my MA over two years will be better for my health overall (managing lupus etc. with my stupid joints, fatigue and hand numbness), and that way I can take more work shifts too.
  • Writing more songs. Music is the highlight of my existence in all honesty, as much as I love Classics. With my hand issues I’ve not played much guitar in the past year, but I’ve slowly been getting back into it again recently.
  • Less time on social media /  more time reading books and hanging with friends has been good for me.
  • CBT for low self-esteem is going well, although I don’t know if/how my anxious brain will cope with putting it into practice.
  • I rearranged my bedroom and got some lovely new bedding for a blog post coming soon!

tldr; things are looking up and Rome is great.

I shall leave you with a picture of the beautiful Belvedere Torso from the Vatican museum…

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All the best,


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