My Favourite Photos of 2016

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As we verge on the end of 2016, I feel like it’s time for one of those sentimental, nostalgic blog posts about the awesome memories I’ve made this year. So many awful things have happened this year, with Brexit, the US election, terrorist attacks, hate crimes, the deaths of gay icons Bowie, Prince and more recently George Michael… it’s a struggle sometimes to remember that good things also happened in 2016.

Rather than listing my best memories of this year, I’ve decided to share some of my favourite photos, with short descriptions of when/where they’re from. Some of these aren’t associated with particular memories, and some of the most lovely moments I’ve had aren’t photographed at all (West End shows and Suicide Girls Burlesque spring to mind), but that’s okay.

I’m a very visual person, so I do find that photographs ‘speak a thousand words’ or whatever that quote is. Additionally, it was one of my goals for this year to improve my photography (not only for the blog and Instagram, okay?). Looking back on these does show that I have achieved at least something this year… amongst the stress of being a third-year student.

In no particular order, here are some of my favourite photos I’ve taken this year.

Meeting Melanie Martinez and watching her perform was definitely a highlight of this year. She’s amazing, and so lovely!
Bacon Pancakes with Canadian maple syrup made for me on my 21st birthday, yum!
I might as well move into the British Museum, I spend so much time there.
The graffiti art in Shoreditch is always great to look at.
A pretty summer rose in our garden.
An outdoor Bruce Springsteen concert was pretty damn awesome.
I always love looking at the Turkish lamps in Camden, I finally got myself one this year!
Don’t forget to look up when you go for a walk!
One of our border terriers, Woody.
My Grandad’s parrot, Charlie. He’s older than me!
Chilling with Darth Maul at MCM Comic Con…. okay, I didn’t take this photo, but I had to include it!
Rainy days in London.
Scenic views at Delphi.
The Sky Garden. I definitely recommend checking it out, it’s free to visit!

I hope you have a wonderful New Year! We’re planning on watching the final Harry Potter film with some snacks (pizza of course) and some Crabbie’s Ginger Beer. Then perhaps we’ll head to the pub for a pint just before midnight. A fun, chilled way to begin 2017.

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  1. Charlie looks really cute, I find parrots fascinating – does he talk a lot? I still need to visit Sky Garden, I’ve been planning to visit since I moved to London but I always forget about it. Delphi looks stunning! xx

    1. He doesn’t talk at all actually (my great-nan’s budgie does though haha), but he has a distinctive whistle that he does to my Grandad, they kind of talk to each other with it, it’s hilarious! The Sky Garden is definitely worth a visit, the views are amazing.

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