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Today’s blog post is really exciting. Endsleigh are giving away £10,000 to a lucky student to cover their rent for a year! I live in London where rent is the highest, but it would certainly be enough for me. If you live elsewhere, that £10k will get you even further!

Who are Endsleigh?

If you’ve lived in student halls, you’ve probably heard of Endsleigh. They’re the go-to insurance company for students; I remember our halls promoting Endlsleigh’s contents and gadget insurance a lot in freshers. Their 24-hour gadget replacement (whether lost, damaged or stolen), is so useful for university life, especially with important deadlines and exams.

They won Best Student Insurance Provider at the 2017 Insurance Choice Awards, and I can personally say that I’ve used them in all of my 4 years as a student, both in halls and student houses! Endsleigh are also the only insurance company recommended by the NUS, and was actually created by the NUS back in 1965.

What inspired this competition?

Research from Endsleigh has revealed that the majority of young British people nowadays don’t feel they’ve reached adulthood until the age of 25. I certainly don’t, and I’m 22!

Some interesting facts from the research:

  • 56% of young adults felt it was impossible to grow up as quickly as they’d like due to the economic climate – with 64% finding it hard to get on the housing ladder or find a job.
  • 6 in 10 adults believed you need to be at a point in life where your finances are in order to start feeling like a grown-up – which includes arranging your own insurance, keeping track of interest rates and having a credit card or savings account.
  • 23% of respondents aged 18 and over still haven’t ever paid either a gas or electricity bill, and 17% have never arranged their own buildings or contents insurance.

I can honestly say that the biggest struggle in student life as someone without rich parents is finances. I got a bursary at my university, and the maximum student loan, but I had to get a job in my third year right before exams, while writing a dissertation! I’m having to take my MA part-time in order to work enough to scrape by with rent, and I’m still not out of my overdraft. I think it’s wonderful that Endsleigh are running this competition for students, I can’t even tell you how much £10k would help any of my friends with rent and bills.

How can I enter?

It’s really easy, just complete their fun ‘what kind of housemate are you’ quiz! Apparently I’m the adventurous one, let me know what you got! It’s open until May 18th, so you’ve got plenty of time to enter (T&C’s on the website).

If you’re a student, check out Endsleigh for your insurance, and make sure you enter this amazing competition!

All the best,


*This blog post has been sponsored by Endsleigh, all opinions are my own!

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