My Everyday Makeup

I uploaded a video to my YouTube channel the other showing my everyday makeup, in a ‘get ready with me’ format, which was fun to film (albeit a little scary to show my bare skin!!). I’ve decided to share my everyday makeup on the blog too – any excuse to take pictures of pretty makeup […]

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Just before Christmas, I was invited to Dr. Sarah Shah’s bespoke aesthetics clinic* in Central London for a treatment of my choice to review. Upon browsing her website and reading many positive reviews, I came across the concept of a ‘non-surgical’ nose job/reshaping. “WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT?!”, I hear you ask. Well, let me enlighten […]

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You may know (because I’ve mentioned it in many blog posts), that bae spent a study abroad year in California and recently got back. He was awesome enough to let me order some Colourpop makeup to his accommodation and brought it all back for me, so I got a bit carried away and ordered a […]

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Since starting university last year, my hair has been an array of ‘crazy’ colours, including varying shades of purple, pink and blue dip-dye, even purple and green at one point, then a few months ago I dyed it all a dark navy blue / black. I get bored quickly, and when my brown hair started […]

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